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iOPEX's expertise in system design & integration, strategic consulting and application development has led to its induction into the very exclusive AWS Partner Network (APN). This network by Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an international program where the members receive support and assistance in delivering premium web services to their customers.

iOPEX technologies is among the first of the AWS Partners to be publicly accredited with the designation of Standard Consulting Partner. iOPEX qualified for this label after completing a very stringent set of requirements, demonstrating its world class competency as a next generation managed services provider.

This accreditation entitles iOPEX to receive support on any AWS product, through the 24 X 7 X 365 AWS Support Channel. This support channel will cover the entire range of Amazon web services and products, including content delivery, DNS services, cloud storage, security and monitoring.

Clients of iOPEX will be the ones to benefit the most. They will now receive a highly personalized support experience that will enable them to better manage and deploy applications on the cloud. Some of iOPEX's remote management services that will now receive AWS support include database & server management, SaaS, application services and identity & access management. Internet-based clients will also gain from business- business-specific information services that will give them insights into web traffic patterns.

iOPEX's listing in the AWS Partner Directory can be viewed here-

This is the latest in a long line of recent accolades for iOPEX technologies. In spite of being relatively young, iOPEX has grabbed the attention of a number of technology heavyweights, and entered into mutually beneficial partnerships with them. In line with its main goal of being customer focused, these partnerships are meant to make iOPEX a one stop shop for all its client needs.