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SOX Enterprise Toolkit

SOXET is an automation framework built to support the end-to-end SOX audit and compliance process to extract, prepare, operate, post validate, and close controls. It acts as a central repository for all IT Control audit tracking, storage of accounts and SLAs with automated rule driven segmentation, closure and workflow enabled with a dashboard for auditors and control owners.

SOXET provides up to 50% efficiency thereby increasing speed, reducing cost and increasing accuracy while ensuring audit reference are easily accessible.


Features of SOXET

  • Connectors to external systems for extraction
  • Easy application of rules for classification and workflow triggers
  • Business user friendly for configuration of new systems/rules
  • Central repository of all accounts and evidence
  • In built dashboards for monitoring and reporting
  • Plugins available for external dashboards to be integrated
  • In built DB
  • Easy connection to external DBs through API
  • Approval/Rejection/Resubmit notifications automated
  • SLA driven notifications
  • Easy search and filter options on accounts/evidence/owners
  • FAQ/Announcements integrated for new users
  • Can be integrated with AD/SSO for security
  • Ability to define keywords for manual import of accounts
  • Easy connection to external vaults such as Google Cloud/Dropbox to store evidence

Value SOXET brings to you

    Time to Complete

  • Reduces time to complete due to elimination of a majority of manual steps
  • Easy application of rules for classification and workflow triggers

    Accuracy & Correctness

  • Increases compliance through rule-based automation and reduces errors
  • Single source of truth and audit logs for all controls

    Cost Savings

  • Lower costs through right shoring and reduction in manual efforts
  • Low cost of maintenance of technology


  • Frees up employee time to focus on core tasks and gives auditors more time for strategic tasks

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