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Make signature process touchless with SYOD

Keep your customers safe with touchless signature at check-out using SYOD (Sign on Your Own Device)

Retail customers prefer to shop in stores with touchless self-checkout options during COVID-19 pandemic. iOPEX has created a simple plug and play solution which will enable retailers make the signature process touchless with SYOD (Sign on Your Own Device).


Salient features of our plug and play solution are:

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Social Distancing, contactless payment and touchless signature is the new retail norm to keep customers happy and safe. Retailers are revamping store operations to provide a safe and efficient shopping experience. In the current retail set up, a good amount of attention is paid on social distancing and making payments contactless, but very few retailers have thought of making the final signature process touchless. There are still a lot of places where customers are still using traditional POS terminals with keypads and stylus pens exposing them to viral matter smeared all over them.

Consequently, more retailers are considering more ‘’touchless” in-store shopping and checkout technology. And some are looking into more radical, costly and time-consuming changes in their approach to serving customers, like grab-and-go technologies.

But we believe the quickest, least costly route for retailers moving to a more “touchless” in-store model is to use the self-checkout assets they already have - and transform them by implementing relatively minor changes in the user flow. It’s a fast and simple way to minimize the need to touch self-checkout screens and payment terminals. This necessity forced us to come out with a simple plug and play solution which will make the signature process touchless with SYOD (Sign on Your Own Devices).


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