Ad-tech Services

At iOPEX, we help some of the world’s leading ad-tech platforms (DSPs, SSPs, Retargeting platforms etc.,) to cost effectively manage their demand and supply side operations and let their account management teams focus on consistently engaging with their clients to increase revenue and drive higher profitability. Our suite of services includes:

Buyer Operations

  • Media planning, audience targeting & RFP management.
  • Insertion order management on DSPs across screens.
  • Creative trafficking (Display, Mobile, Video and Native).
  • 3rd party pixel trafficking and tagging.
  • Advertiser/ Ad brand safety compliance, creative validation & categorization (IAB, custom definition).
  • Pre/Post Campaign QA and Screen captures.
  • Campaign Optimization

Platform Operations

  • PMP campaign, Deal-ID management.
  • Deal Id Management – Request to Response Optimization
  • New publisher categorization and on-boarding.
  • Publisher network domain validation and fraud detection.
  • Inventory onboarding, monitoring and white/black list management.

Brand Protection & Ad Integrity Management

  • URL Attribution
  • Ad Quality Verification
  • Continuous Monitoring of Live Ads for Quality and Brand protection


  • Site tag, deal-ID, ad rendering etc.
  • Data discrepancies in delivery, performance and viewability.
  • New vendor/supplier validation.
  • Publisher fill rate improvements and price optimization

Customer Delight & Success

  • 24x7 Platform Support via Email/Chat/Phone for greater customer satisfaction and LTV
  • Customer Retention by Proactive Monitoring of Ad Spend vs Return to maximize ROI
  • Upsell and Cross Platform features