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AdOps Integrated Workflow Assistant

An AdOps team’s success is measured by its consistency, quality of output and driving customer success at an optimal cost. Many organizations have taken different approaches to manage AdOps by leveraging cost-effective locations for execution, process & system automation, etc. This labor-intensive process has substantially evolved into a standardized process. AIWA questions the status quo for a fresh outlook to drive even higher efficiency and scale. AIWA is your Ad Operation’s AI-driven integrated automation framework which transforms the traditional AdOps landscape and helps you to buy back valuable time to innovate for customer success.

Embrace AIWA & Transform

AIWA Overview

AdOps Automation Webinar

AIWA interacts with your tech stack and mimics human interactions to execute your scalable and predictable AdOps tasks


Traditional Operation

  • Speed to scale impacts quality of service
  • Resource intensive and error prone
  • QA overhead to maintain quality of service
  • High turnover and re-training
  • Cost intensive due to constant resource hiring
  • Frequent knowledge assessments for effective results

AIWA led Operations

  • Increased stability and scalability to meet growth
  • Low operational risk with high accuracy and consistency
  • Reduced cost through automation
  • No effort fatigue and easy re-training
  • Faster execution/time to market– increased CSAT
  • Higher ESAT by reclaiming time for innovation


Off-load your busy, repetitive & voluminous onshore/offshore work to AIWA and gain a minimum of 1.5x ROI in less than 6 months.


Make a wise investment


A. Design & Orchestration

  1. Repetitive tasks that need to be automated are built as software tasks to mimic human actions
  2. The software tasks are created using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Software
  3. These tasks are deployed on AIWA Orchestrator and are scheduled to run as jobs
  4. AIWA Orchestrator maps and allocates compute resources optimally to the jobs

B. Exceptions and Intelligence Management

  1. AIWA Orchestrator triggers the RPA jobs on VMs (compute resource) on a cloud platform
  2. The jobs are executed on platforms including Ad Platforms, CRMs, OMS, Ticket Management Software etc.
  3. The type of inputs may also vary from excel extracts, PDFs, emails or files in FTP/Box locations
  4. AIWA raises exceptions like incorrect input formats, non-availability of data etc. to the AIWA Ops team

C. Operations

  1. The rejuvenated AIWA Ops team focus the majority of their time on customer success activities
  2. They now only work on monitoring and managing exceptions thrown by AIWA

Fewer than 5
Decisions made Applications accessed Hundred Clicks


The Foundation

Campaign effectiveness, quality of service and cost are key factors that drive revenue and profitability for digital advertising businesses. An important factor to sustain profitability during scale is to leverage the best of talents at an optimal cost. AIWA foundation helps digital advertising businesses embrace global talent from cost-effective locations to handle standardized operational tasks and establish round the clock support for quality output. This helps the core team reclaim time and focus on customer management, revenue generation, and process automation.

Scale your Advertising Operations and achieve the Golden Ratio


Client References

Extended AdOps team for one of the largest retailers in the world to enable and drive brand promotion, audience targeting, 3rd party products, and conversion through PPC, display and video advertising via direct sales and programmatic channel.

24x7 operations, 99.8% Service Levels at 55% fewer operations cost and drive higher ROAS by 4% as value partnership value adds.

Centralized global outsourced AdOps team for a large online travel and lifestyle company to enable speed of campaign execution for the global direct sales team through trafficking, campaign management, optimized inventory for sponsorship partners and higher revenue for premium programmatic inventories.

24X7 centralized operations for global support, 40% increase in order to campaign live.

AdOps partner for leading social news aggregation, web content rating and discussion platform to identify fraudulent advertisers, protect brand safety, drive higher reach and maximize ROI for advertisers. Round the clock support service offering real-time support to platform users, in-turn driving a happy customer journey.

Reduced chargeback rates from 2 to 1%. Reduced TAT for creative publishing with brand safety check by 50%

A dedicated partner for a leading native advertising platform enabling complete buy and demand-side operations (order to cash life cycle). Manage proposals (RFP), handle I/O’s, perform campaign setup, performance reporting, optimization, reconciliation/billing, native site setup, articles, demo site creations and publications.

40% reduction in turnaround for ad inventory consumption & setting native publisher sites.

Long-term partner to a large ad tech company, aiding their measurement and audience insights on a real-time advertising platform. This involved 3rd party report reconciliation, performance measurement, troubleshooting for real-time campaigns, supporting media planning and buying pre-sales cycle for global advertising operations and supporting GDPR AI-driven platform offering pixel implementations and integrations to users.

Increased measurement accuracy and frequency for reduced discrepancies on campaign KPIs. Achieved new benchmarks of 24 hours TAT for discrepancy identification and fixing.


Unravel the source of truth from digital ad-spend metrics across all your channels Establish real-time business analytics to maximize your spend across right channels with consistent ROIs

Unified Ad Metrics From All Channels

Step-by-step data integration strategy to bring in data from all the digital investment channels at the right frequencies.Identify ‘what to measure’ by defining the right measurement KPIs based on business priorities in each maturity stage.

Compare With Competitor Performance

Gain insights into competitor ad strategies and performance across various digital investment channels. Compare competitor insights with the brands' own internal spend data from all channels to benchmark, evolve and reinforce spend strategy.

Build Campaign Optimization Models

Measure contribution of media spend to the sales conversions or demand generation Build ROI attribution models that take into account the spends from other internal and external business functions.

Identify Right Awareness & Acquisition Channels

Identify the right investment channels for awareness and acquisition and then optimize yields across those channels

Right Mix Of Technology And Processes

Establish the right media spend assurance practice structure that brings in operational process standardization and monitoring mechanisms to act upon real time decisions


  • Compare key digital metrics like impression, clicks & visits against true business metrics like calls, order and revenue to map media contribution to revenue.
  • Maps different channels to identify the right ones to increase awareness and acquisition.
  • Helps to build different models and hypothesis to constantly re-evaluate the optimal path for reach and acquisition.
  • Segregate sites and networks to drive high view ability, clicks with optimal CPM.
  • Derive different campaign optimization steps based on ROI across channel, region, DOW, ad-size, platform and stream of advertising.
  • Setup business rules and alert to continuously measure peaks and valley on the ROI.
  • Manage and automate campaign change via direct ad-server integration and reduce change management cycle time.


Automate ad quality assurance & safe guard brand experience in your programmatic ad delivery and management life cycle

Right Ads To Right Audience

Guarantee smooth and compliant ad delivery with clean, safe and appropriate ad content. Standardize, optimize and continuously monitor the entire Brand safety management process in programmatic/Direct Ad delivery.

Placements Inline With Brand Integrity

Quality Assurance mechanism for advertiser domain classification and ad verification processes. Detect auto-redirects, data leakages via pixel drops for consumer safety and publisher/ad-tech reputation.

Automated Bad Ads Detection

Identification of interstitial ads, pop-ups, auto-expand, auto-scroll, auto play sound to improve user experience. Avoid latent ads that slows down loading speed and affect the user's experience resulting in poor content monetization.

Automated Brand Protection Rules

Continuous machine driven automatic scan of ads for monitoring compliance and user experience. Auto detect brand damaging ads using proven Google Vision API and drive brand safety awareness.

Right Mix Of Technology and Processes

Flexibility to configure scan settings across various geo proxies to measure user experience across different geographies. Monitoring and reporting mechanism to efficiently manage the health of operations in the programmatic ad management and domain management life cycle.


  • Identification of interstitial ads, pop-ups, auto-expand, auto-scroll, auto play sound to improve user experience.
  • Avoid latent ads that slows down loading speed and affect the user’s experience resulting in poor content monetization.
  • Detect auto-redirects, data leakages via pixel drops for consumer safety and publisher/ad-tech reputation.
  • Flexibility to configure QA settings across various geo proxies to measure user experience across different geography
  • Auto detect brand damaging ads using proven Google Vision API and drive brand safety awareness.
  • Reduce cycle time to launch campaign by tracking down issues and letting stakeholders to be on the same page with instant notification and instructions on how to act.

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