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Enhance your digital spending effectiveness with the right and rich insights. Gain a deeper understanding of how every channel is connected in comparison to the business at large through incisive analytics for continuous optimization. iOPEX provides comprehensive analytics solutions to help you achieve this.

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Take a 360-degree point of view to make data-driven decisions and improve the performance of your digital marketing spend removing the guesswork, and moving closer to your business goals. Digital Analytics = cost minimization and revenue maximization

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Service Outcomes


Enhanced Data Visibility

iOPEX's personalized reports and dashboards include joining multiple data sources, pulling data using various APIs, developing retina-ready, cool visualizations, and enriching dashboards. By leveraging analytics, you can gain enhanced data visibility and make data-driven decisions for your business.


True Personalization

iOPEX recognizes that each of its clients faces unique challenges with their digital analytics needs. After getting to understand your business, they deliver customized data analytics services based on the needs and the maturity level of your digital footprint. With personalized analytics solutions, you can better tailor your business strategy and improve your ROI.


Improved Marketing ROI

Your ROI depends on how you create and implement your business strategy. From planning to decision-making, your team can lower costs, increase sales, and spread brand awareness using our approach to insightful analytics. Data analytics services can help you make better decisions and improve your marketing ROI.


Strategic Automation

Overwhelming volume of data generated from multiple data sources is processed using iOPEX's AI and ML-based data automation platform and reported in a user-friendly, scalable, and sustainable fashion. With data analytics solutions, you can automate your data processing and reporting, saving time and resources.


Increased customer reach insights

Assess the key benefits of each of your customer touchpoints based on the ability to drive awareness and quality reach. By leveraging segmentation and profiling, iOPEX's customer analytics help focus efforts on the best opportunities. Business analytics solutions can help you gain insights into your customer reach and tailor your marketing efforts accordingly.


Turn Information into Insight

Gain insight into organic and paid digital tactics, to be able to follow your customer’s digital journey to conversion. This allows you to gain a deeper understanding of what combination of ads, keywords, channels, platforms, and content produces the greatest conversion. Armed with this knowledge, you can focus on marketing dollars and content development efforts in the most effective manner.


Our Approach

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Building User Trust

We identify the differentiating factors of your business and use our strong technology partnerships to build and maintain the integrity of your brand using a tailored digital trust and safety playbook

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Technology Integration

By mapping man and machine integration technologies like Cognitive Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, we deliver customer satisfaction focused innovative solutions

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Protecting Data

We protect user data and privacy in an increasingly complex cybersecurity landscape by inspecting the entire spectrum of digital contents and employing our trust and safety capabilities to moderate them

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Quality Assurance

Custom made algorithms and cognitive content classifications help in quality accuracy check reviews that lead to reduced rejection rate and errors

Analytics Services

Our Expertise


[Dimensional Data + Quantum Analytics = Increased Growth]

Model : Emerging Data Analytics involves User , business data deeper insights to build co-relation models , competitor insights , pre-launch market re-research with technology infusions to build visual models , Dynamic dashboards for business decision makers to act .

Benefits : With the precise understanding about the origin of a specific content consumed, when and in what order a user consumed your content, will empower you to quickly understand what content is most relevant to specific segments and thereby offer an immersive experience to your existing and potential customers in your digital space.

Transformation : Increased Data driven , robust decisions that guarantee increased predictability and success in business digital frontiers . Establish and sustain real time control on your Brand’s Media spend ROI - iMediaBay


key metrics

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Digital Marketing Spend Analyzed, Reported And Optimized For ROI

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800k / Month

Ad Spend Stop Loss Alerted And Actioned

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250+ / Week

Customizable Analytical Reports Created

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200TB / Week

Data Interpreted Into Actionable Insights

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Increase In ROAS across Campaign Monitored


Ensure higher brand safety, integrity and trust with expert operations fuelled by technology accelerators. Find out how

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