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As a part of the Integrated Automation concept, iOPEX has come up with a workflow assistance system to enhance business and process efficiency across different functions like Ad Operations, HR, Finance, Supply Chain and IT Operations for automating end-to-end business processes on an Enterprise level. The automation packages are customized according to the systems, process & data, security and automation goals of an Organization hence making this as a comprehensive platform for all your Automation needs.

Business operations

Automation solutions catering to business functions to enable teams to focus on strategic tasks rather than time-consuming operational activities.

AIWA - AdOps Integrated Workflow Assistant

AIWA is an AI-driven integrated automation framework that transforms the traditional Ad Ops landscape to help buy-back valuable time for customer success...

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PICSA - Product Information and Content Syndication Assistant

PICSA is a product information and content syndication automation framework that helps you transform your eCommerce content ops to enable your teams...


Shared Services

Boquete of RPA offerings around back office operations which intends to help customers improve operational efficiency and reduced costs.

TIWA - Terminal Ops Integrated Workflow Assistant

TIWA is an integrated workflow assistant / automation framework created using conversational and process BOTS for automating back end IT operations...

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FIWA - FinOps Integrated Workflow Assistant

FIWA - Integrated workflow automation framework that drives touchless transactions across multiple enterprise systems to relieve finance & accounting teams...

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HIWA - HR Ops Integrated Workflow Assistant

HIWA is an integrated workflow assistant framework / automation created using conversational and process BOTS for automating back end HR operations...


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