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Are You Ready for Article 13? It’s Going to Change the Internet as We Know It

Are You Ready for Article 13? It’s Going to Change the Internet as We Know It

Did you know that the negotiations for the EU copyright reform law have already reached an agreement? The core of Article 13 deals with breaches in copyrights, and it is quite literally going to change the internet as we know it. Article 13 is going to make every platform on the internet directly liable for all their users’ copyright infringements.

The Extent of Article 13 Is Yet to Be Decided

What remains to be decided is to what exact length these platforms will be able to avoid or limit their respective liabilities.

The Current Status of Article 13

Platforms Where Users Express Themselves

There are some aspects of Article 13 that have now been finalized. Firstly, Article 13 will definitely apply to all the internet platforms that promote and organize gargantuan amounts of works that are protected by copyrights.

It is important to note here that ‘copyright-protected’ and ‘copyright infringing’ are not the same. All videos, photos, and creative texts are subject to getting automatically copyrighted. This is why platforms such as Giphy, Imgur, Wattpad, Twitch, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook – where users are known to express themselves with copyrighted material – will be subject to Article 13.

Even if A Single User Commits Breaches in Copyrights?

The core provision of Article 13 is that anything and everything that is posted on online platforms by the users will be treated as the platform uploading it themselves. This means that even if one single individual was to commit copyright infringement on an online platform, then it would be viewed as if the platform had committed the copyright violation.

By enforcing such digital boundaries, online platforms will be forced to take drastic measures against all types of breaches in copyrights. Currently, these platforms don’t even know which among their users’ uploads or shares should be allowed in the first place. This is why it would be normal to expect strict filters and blocks on uploaded material until all negotiations are completed.

Licenses May Be the Only Cure Here – for Non-Commercial Users

If, for example, YouTube were to negotiate licenses with film studios with respect to their trailers, then ordinary users sharing these videos won’t be blocked. This, however, won’t apply to Vloggers who are making a living by sharing and reviewing these trailers on YouTube.

How iOPEX Technologies Can Help You

Essentially, Article 13 will cause online platforms and companies to pay heavy penalties if they cannot control their social sharing features. On the flip side, the task of moderating content generated by users can be costly – which is where iOPEX Technologies can help.

Our teams will be able to develop content-sniffing bots that can flag every potential breach of Article 13. This will be done while we offer an online community, social media, and content moderators a peace of mind to determine the validities of content claims.

Let’s partner to get your company Article 13 ready! Visit our website to find out more.

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