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Product Thinking – The Key to Engaging Users

Creating an engaging user experience does not simply mean making user’s life easier through beautiful and easy to use designs. While simplicity and aesthetics is important, it is only a few of the many solutions for a user’s problem any product attempts to solve.

‘Thinking in products’ involves thinking in terms of specific user’s problems and how they can be resolved while keeping in consideration the bottom-line and revenues. Hence, in order to create a great user experience, it is important to think in terms of the product and not its features since features don’t work without the product.

Product thinking – how to?

When thinking with respect to products, UX designers should have the following questions to answer:

  1.  What user problems are we solving?
  2.  Who is our target audience?
  3.  What is the purpose/vision of doing this?
  4. What is the strategy that should be implemented to achieve the goals?

Thinking in these terms helps in building the right features for your users that resolves real problems since it enables understanding the user experience of a product, not just as interaction and visual design of features.

Product thinking enables user experience designers to ask the right questions, build the right features, and communicate more efficiently with stakeholders. By asking questions about the effectivity of a suggested feature before drawing wireframes or crafting innovative layouts, they keep the product slim and effective.


Thinking in products is the foundation of building successful products users want. It lies in the intersection of Product Management and UX Design and establishes a strong relationship between  them leading to stronger products and happy users. It empowers user experience designers to make the right decisions which is why product thinking is key to engaging users.

iOPEX uses the power of UX/UI to create user experiences that perform for your customers as well as your business and facilitate user interactions with websites/apps and maximize your product’s responsiveness, efficiency, and accessibility.

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