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March 24, 2020

Our commitment to you

Dear Clients and Partners,

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating havoc across the globe and the world has come together to fight the crisis. On behalf of all iOPEX employees, I want to let you know that our thoughts are with those who are affected. We’re all focused on how to best support our employees, customers, and partners in the face of this unprecedented situation. As our delivery centers across the globe go into government mandated lockdown mode, all of us at iOPEX Technologies are focused on enabling our customers to be productive during this challenging time.

We are leaning on our core values: Integrity, Customer Focus, Transparency, and Intrapreneurship. These values have guided us since our founding in 2009, and we test all our actions against them. Our priority has been to help our customers and partners around the world to keep their teams safe. One way to do this, according to medical experts, has been to encourage social distancing. Like many of our customers, we have implemented work from home policies to limit our employees’ exposure, but it’s been crucial to do this without compromising the ability to remain connected, productive and work securely.

Ensuring Continuity of Service

At iOPEX Technologies, the safety of our employees is our priority, while we continue to support mission critical technology and services of leading organizations globally. Our Secure Independent Remote Workspace framework integrated with Realtime team management framework using best of breed technology like Palo Alto Networks Firewall, Asterix, Zoom and Rocket Chat have seamlessly enabled us to switch to Work From Home capability for our global work force.

iOPEX is here to support you during these unprecedented times. Our employees are available for any questions or concerns you have. Looking forward to keeping the economic engine of the world chugging while we fight the virus.

Patience, compassion, and partnership will get us through this, and we are here for you.

Shiva Ramani

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