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Ad Operations - Policy Compliance Management Services

iOPEX is a partner for publishers, ad-tech players and agencies to streamline, manage and scale their ad operations. We enhance speed and quality of operations by bringing a balanced mix of process standardization, quality assurance and robotic process automation.

The Client :The client is a leading performance marketing platform headquartered in USA with more than 35000 clients. The platform provides customized solutions to retail, small businesses, B2B businesses and agencies in the following capability areas: Prospecting, Retargeting, Email automation, Onsite conversions.

The Challenge :Client’s supply side platform is used by a large ecosystem of advertisers to execute ad campaigns. These campaigns are programmatically served by the client platform through partnered ad exchanges. Each ad exchange has its own policy guidelines to ensure that the ads served through them do not endanger the brand safety of the publisher domains owning the ad inventory where the ads are served.
In order to maintain adherence to these policy guidelines, it becomes necessary to have a manual operations in place that verifies all the campaigns and creatives of the advertisers before they go live. However, with the every-growing list of advertisers subscribing to the platform, scaling up the operations while maintaining quality and speed becomes a challenge.

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