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Cognitive AI Solutions - Email Automation and Classification

Aug 23 2021 ,

iOPEX used application of ML/NLP techniques like Sentiment, entity analysis etc. on the content and taking required action like classifying emails into various predefined categories like Complaint, Service request , Enquiry etc.

The Client :

The Client is a London based Telecommunications conglomerate that has its operational presence in more than 150 countries across the globe. Its primary services include broadband, fixed-line and mobile services in the United Kingdom and provides IT and television subscription services. Some of its other products are Home security, Fleet management, Supply management, Telco equipment etc.

The Challenge :

The group receives over 1 million emails annually .Many hours of time are spent reading E-mails to ascertain whether action is required or not and if so who the E-mail should be routed to. Each message must be categorized into types, and tasks required by each message must be correctly routed in order for client service to begin. The time it took to manually execute this high-volume, highly variable work caused errors and delayed the fulfillment of client requests.

Please provide the details below to download the CASE STUDY.
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