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Optimized SOX audit & compliance effort through automation

iOPEX created an innovative audit program utilizing ETL & RPA for the entire SOX control workflow and developed a tool to carry out quarterly control execution using low-code/no-code platform.

The Client : The client is one of the world’s leading communications services providers in the US catering to the needs of 200+ million customers subscribed globally.

The Challenge :The client is a public traded company in the US which puts them in the purview of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Compliance. A manual SOX governance process was set up almost 10 years ago and some of the challenges they were facing before engaging with iOPEX were:

  • Increasing compliance hours due to multiple to-and-fro interactions between auditors and owners over email/calls, reworks due to human error, poor control design, etc.
  • Rising cost to comply with SOX due to manual intervention, a higher number of FTEs required for testing and validation

The client wanted to run the services with automation to increase efficiency, enhance compliance and reduce effort cost.

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