Case Study

Superior customer experience for a global mass media and communications leader

iOPEX established a Retention cell which helped the client to reduce churns and generate over USD 120 million per year.

The Client : The client is the largest mass media and communications company in the world by revenue. Client’s signature support offers customers a single source for troubleshooting and support for their computers, home networks and many other devices delivering an end-to-end exceptional customer experience.

The Challenge :The client’s top priority was to ensure their customers have the best support experience possible, while also taking advantage of the additional products and services the offer. To accomplish this, client was looking to collaborate with a vendor with a strong track record in delivering a superior customer experience, while also positioning and selling add-on services.

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iOPEX is a new-gen technology focused company in the field of Integrated Automation, Moderation Services, Digital Advertising and Transforming Customer & Technical Support Experience. We acquire the latest advancements in our focus areas and optimize the resources available to deliver the best outcome for our clients in the long run, which in turn improves the top and bottom line of the businesses.