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Process Mining
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Get started with process mining and eliminate guesswork to enable a common understanding to facilitate collaboration, process optimization, and transformation across your organization

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Use process mining to run your business on data and intelligence with endless use cases including the optimization, implementation and monitoring needs related to digital transformation initiatives

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Data is the new asset
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Fast-Track Your Digital Transformation with Intelligent Automation

Execution Management System



Data Ingestion

  • Process data extraction from your on-prem and cloud-based ERPs, CRMs, data warehouses, etc
  • Convert raw data into meaningful insights by applying it to a business context
  • Create data models and store them in powerful in-memory database so it’s ready for the process and task mining
  • Keep your enterprise data safe with access management, sign on and deployment
  • Automate data extraction and transformation to meet the needs of your business with customizable scheduling capabilities

Process and

Task Mining

  • Visual reconstructing of process and task mining from transactional system data (event logs)
  • Customer, Vendor, and Inventory Lists are linked to analysis enabling data drilling into any specific element of the process
  • Pre-built analyses to deploy over the data model to deliver immediate insights for key processes and use cases.
  • Customize with easy drag-and-drop dashboarding and the industry-standard Process Query Language (PQL).
  • Fast and Scalable in-memory database that outperforms industry standards

Planning and


  • Create parameter based data duplication for data-driven decisions and avoid guesswork and uncertainty
  • Simulate what-if scenarios using the parametric digital twins
  • The what-if scenarios can be coded easily into an expected process model
  • Consistent monitoring helps to improve the expected process model
  • Run multiple simulations and identify the one action that unlocks the most capacity
  • Reliable and fact-based simulation that gets better with more data ingestion

Visual and

Daily Management

  • Leverage data from process and task mining in role-based views, so your whole company has a single source of truth
  • Prioritize tasks based on KPIs and enable employees to work on what's most important
  • Eliminate re-work and missed opportunities and ensure every employee knows what to do at exactly the right time
  • Role-based templates offer data-driven recommendations for every employee
  • Enable workers to work on tasks that have the highest impact



  • Identity the execution gaps that be eliminated or prevented by automation using process mining
  • Trigger automation based on data-driven insights using business rules and logic
  • Build automation to take action directly in your source systems and send alerts to appropriate people
  • The effects of automation can be adjusted as need by consistent monitoring
  • Fully Scalable, easy to use and only real-time automation engine integrated with the world’s best process mining engine
Productivity increased through process automation for Schedule Downtime Maintenance

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What is Process Mining?

Process mining is an analytical discipline for discovering, monitoring, and improving processes as they actually are (not as you think they might be), by extracting knowledge from event logs readily available in today’s information systems.

Process mining offers objective, fact-based insights, derived from actual data, that help you audit, analyze, and improve your existing business processes by answering both compliance-related and performance-related questions.

The technology is an essential part of the Celonis Execution Management System, enabling users to measure their execution capacity by fully understanding how their processes run before taking automated action to remove any execution gaps.

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