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Community Support Services is not just about addressing customer complaints and requests via Facebook and Twitter. Organizations looking to arrest customer churn and who are exploring creative ways of engaging with customers have resorted to integrating crowdsourcing as part of their social strategy. Social customer communities are gaining popularity as they are an ideal platform for customers to interact with a larger audience and share views. It helps in getting many of their queries answered quickly from others who have encountered similar situations. Also, the organization uses this platform smartly to post updates, blogs, tutorials and relevant information to help consumers pick up what they are searching for. This has turned out to be very handy in improving customer retention and experience and in bringing down customer calls, emails and chats. Many organizations claim that these forums help in receiving the voice of the customer and this feedback they claim has helped them usher pertinent changes. And naturally, the agents have more time to handle the complex calls and be rid of the routine and time-consuming ones; neither does the customer have to wait in queue endlessly.

We have helped organizations create a customer community support platform to reduce the amount of general or low-skilled tasks requests by enabling self-service. And this has made a difference in reducing call volumes and enable customers to quickly find solutions without the help of a live agent. This has helped our clients to engage better with their customers and this engagement has led to several product/service improvements based on customer feedback.

Recommendations for better use of Community Crowdsourcing platforms:

Some of the best practices that can be used by companies to create an optimized crowdsourcing platform are as follows:

  • Better Management: Companies should ensure that they manage the participants correctly, just assigning tasks alone won’t help in getting the best results. The concerned person should assign, provide the necessary information, monitor, integrate, value the feedback, so an end to end approach will improve the efficiency.
  • Accept Feedback: When companies go for social media crowdsourcing, they should be prepared for both positive and negative feedbacks and ensure that they just don’t listen to feedbacks but also to act on it. Another aspect of it is to contact qualified feedback givers and use them as an asset to improve the company’s products and services. (Awards and Rewards system can also be introduced)
  • No compromise on quality, security and confidentiality: When companies go for crowdsourcing, these are the most important things which are at stake, hence companies should ensure that there is no compromise on these parameters. A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) form can help save the security and confidentially issue and for better quality, the product should undergo proper testing to avoid any bugs before putting under usability.
  • Choosing Social Media platforms wisely: Sometimes the feedback provided by people on social media can be indecisive since some people might provide just random feedback without paying enough attention – they might already like your brand which ends up in providing positive feedback. Also, competitors can set fake accounts to spread negative publicity.
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