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Create more opportunities and deliver better results to your customers, employees and systems with cleansed, validated, normalized data for insightful consumption

Data Management Services
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With the demand for right correlated information is increasing across variant subscriber base, finding an agile and technology related method is key to scale and move faster

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Transforming Contact Centers, Big Data Style

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Data is the New Asset


Service Outcomes

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Standardized Data Management Services

Establishment of a simplified data life cycle management which includes data collection, cleansing, reporting tools and automation
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Centralized Data Mining

Manage any size or any type of data from any source or location through a centralized data governance to stay connected with the sourced and managed data for better visibility which includes cross tabs, data pulls, Excel/PowerPoint charts
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Data Enrichment

Use accumulated data and improve its meaningfulness through quantitative and qualitative researches, conducting online survey programming and improve the data warehousing / business intelligence
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Adopt automation for data extraction and cleansing using existing interfaces or new age ETL tools. Enabling ML/AI to match business rules by detecting, matching, and rectifying data errors. Merge duplicate data and auto-correct bad data
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Optimize Data Management Costs

Reduced the number of integrations across applications to reduce interface cost. Eliminate acquisition of duplicate data and reduce third party data costs. Reduced information delivery cost by having a streamlined technology based data management framework
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Better decisions

Integrate people, process, and data to enhance performance through data analytics. Adopt the latest trends and tools in data management and analytics for data-driven decision making

Our Approach

Data Management Objective Based Icon

Objective Based

We continuously understand your business needs and ensure your data reaches your audience (Internal and External) with information that is meaningful, precise and 100% compliant

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Simplified Process

We device a simplified process for collecting, preparing, storing and distributing data by clearly determining the owners and subscribers and encapsulating with tight data security to ensure data is consumed by the right people and systems

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Data Governance

We create/setup an apt digital asset management process and solution to track your data throughout its lifecycle while maintaining full transparency for organized data governance
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Build for Scale

We enable the right tools and technology to simply the data life cycle management and combine our technology biased mind set with cloud computing, so you grow and scale at optimal capital commitments

Data Management Services & Solution

Our Expertise


At iOPEX we unlock the untapped value of legacy data stores to create high-value data ecosystem for digital transformation through

  • People and system based data cleansing
  • Taxonomy building
  • ETL experts for data warehousing
  • Developing deep learning models for AI-enabled data engineering.
  • Expertise in Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure

Key Metrics

Data Management Cost Time Savings Due To More Efficient Data Maintenance Key Metrics Icon


Cost/Time Savings Due To More Efficient Data Maintenance Processes, Automated Data Cleansing/Data Import Processes

Data Management Data Fitness For Use For Business Processes To Drive Consistency Completeness Or Accuracy Key Metrics Icon


Data Fitness For Use For Business Processes To Drive Consistency, Completeness, Or Accuracy

Data Management Adherence To Cycle Turn Around Time From Requesting A New Data Object Key Metrics Icon


Adherence To Cycle/ Turn-Around Time From Requesting A New Data Object Until It Record is Available In Digital Operational Systems

Data Management Complaint To The Norms Key Metrics Icon


Complaint To The Norms Covered By Rulebooks

Data Management Satisfaction Of Company Internal Stakeholders Key Metrics Icon


Satisfaction Of Company-Internal Stakeholders Such As Data Requestors And Consumers In Business Processes

Allow us to enable real-time decisions by modernizing your data management
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