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Transforming your application delivery process with comprehensive DevOps Services

Today, businesses are forced to adapt to high-speed and continuous delivery to stay on top of the game. Organizations will need to accelerate the pace of software development, improve software quality and make more releases quickly and efficiently. DevOps brings together the business, development, testing and operations teams together to enable agility and continuous delivery in software.

iOPEX has extensive experience in DevOps and leverages this expertise to provide customers with comprehensive DevOps services spanning consulting, implementation and managed services. Leveraging our DevOps Assessment Framework, iOPEX delivers strategies and solutions that help clients maximize the benefits of their DevOps investment.

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QA Automation services for a leading enterprise technology and information systems management solutions provider that cut down operations costs drastically.
Devops consulting, implementation and support services
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DevOps Consulting Services

Our DevOps Consulting Services helps enterprises, SMBs and start-ups align their development and operations activities to help achieve improved productivity, faster time to market and better quality of the application. Some of the services included in our devops consultation are:

Maturity Model: Our maturity model assessment audits the existing infrastructure, development processes, identification of redundant activities and identifies the right set of tools. Based on the assessment, the current maturity level and actions required to be taken to reach the next level.

Architectural Consulting: Our experienced devops consultants, based on the organizations’ maturity level will recommend an architecture design that includes devops processes and tools that will be best fit for enabling a continuous application delivery pipeline.

Microservices: DevOps microservices helps manage complex application delivery pipelines and deployments. We help enterprises adapt microservices with release orchestration and deployment automation services that enable applications to be built from simple small components and a single microservice is easy to develop and deploy.

Container Strategy: Container technologies ensure a consistent environment that is critical for frequent and hassle-free releases. We understand the importance of a resilient infrastructure and provide a comprehensive container strategy consultation that includes container recommendation, appropriate container usage, governance model for use of containers and secure container deployments.

DevOps Implementation Services

devops implementation services

Our DevOps Implementation Services helps organizations deliver and integrate code continuously, automates tests and release applications with automated workflows. Our end-to-end devops implementation services include:

QA Automation: We understand the importance of both speed and quality in today’s business world. Our integrated DevOps QA automation services include automated and continuous quality monitoring, automated test environment provisioning, end-to-end test automation and reporting.

Rase Automation:Our release automation services ensure continuous application delivery that automates complex release deployments using deployment workflows that eliminate scripting, end-to-end orchestration and dashboards to provide a centralized view of the key metrics.

CI/CD to Production Deployment:We help organizations adopt Continuous Integration and Continuous Development (CI/CD) to quicken the pace of network function migration to software. The most critical factor is to have test capabilities imbibed in the CI/CD test pipeline. We also help monitor network, identify issues and resolve it quickly.

devops support and managed services

DevOps Support and Managed Services

Our DevOps Support and Managed Services empowers enterprises to accelerate their DevOps adoption and sustain the process with 24x7 support. Our DevOps Support and Managed Services include:

Application Management Services: Our application management services include assessment of their existing application portfolio, identifying & resolving issues, coming up with a strategy and engineering services that modernize applications to achieve the desired state.

Infrastructure Management Services: We understand that infrastructure management is a fundamental building block to achieving DevOps excellence. We help make existing infrastructure more agile and responsive that is required for DevOps. We predominantly focus on automating infrastructure and some of the key services include Infrastructure as a Code and Configuration Management.

Cloud Managed Services: Our cloud managed services help enterprises maximize their ROI on cloud investment. We help enterprises with cloud readiness assessment, cloud strategy, migration and resolving technical and governance issues.

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