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Optimize speed & efficiency across application development and delivery by translating complex manual processes using DevOps for true agility

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Reduce complexity and shorten release cycles of application delivery and management of micro-services with DevOps to automate infrastructure management and end-to-end development process

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Business automation success: RPA & DevOps will rule the outcome

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Assessment and Strategy Planning

Assess the current state of DevOps culture, process, and tools and define maturity model and build a roadmap to shorten development cycles and faster time to market with metrics
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Tool Stack Deployment

Setup a framework to deploy the standard DevOps process and integrate them with delivery tools in each step of agile delivery for optimal service levels like MTTD, MTTR, MTBF
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Infrastructure Management

Enable automated provisioning through containerization, scaling up of servers within minutes and consolidate tools to reduce failure points and operational costs
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Environment Management

Enable automated, error-free, swift configuration deployment by eliminating configuration mismatches by consolidating through a single tool to manage all environments
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Continuous Integration & Testing

Improved production code quality by verifying branch artifacts and automatically deploy well-tested code and track it via code release reports and exceptions alerts
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Cognitive Insights

Gather Insights on processes and code across value streams for effective decision making across engineering stakeholders. This helps business teams to experience reliable applications and services

Our Approach

Devops Foster Devops Initiative Icon

Foster DevOps Initiative

We work closely with IT, product and application development and take a consultative approach to understand the development and operations activities and enable implementation of DevOps strategy and monitor its implementation

Devops Strategize Devops At Scale Icon

Strategize DevOps at Scale

We create best practices that enhances team collaboration and facilitates new ways of infrastructure provisioning, software development and testing by introducing and implementing Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) through automated testing, integration, deployment, and release processes

Devops Adopt Containerization Icon

Adopt Containerization

Our early induction of containerization has enabled great success in DevOps, ensuring software reliability by making individual software parts run independently. Container based approach helps ops and development teams to scale applications quickly and manage specific microservice changes

Devops Couple Ci Cd Tools With Infrastructure Icon

Couple CI/CD Tools with Infrastructure

We implement infrastructure automation tools such as KubernetesAnsible and Chef and couple it with CI/CD tools such as Jenkins and Puppet to provide speed and scalability in configuration management and deployment

Devops Test Automation And Performance Monitoring Icon

Test Automation and Performance Monitoring

We implement test automation to speed delivery cycles wherever applicable to improve early bug detection before manual testing commencement. From early developmental stage, to enable smoother production roll-out, we also monitor applications and deployment packages for detecting, prioritizing, and isolating application defects and determining their root causes 


Our Expertise


At iOPEX technologies, our metrics driven approach to manage performance, speed and quality along with the technology agnostic approach helps the agile development and operations team to build, test, release and monitor applications and software solutions faster across multi cloud platforms and eliminate manual, error-prone processes to accelerate and optimize software delivery

Performance - Uptime | Resource Utilization | Response time

Speed - Lead time | Cycle time | Frequency of release

Quality - Success rate | Crash rate | open/close rates


Key Metrics

Devops Saved By Adopting To Devops Approach And Automation Key Metrics Icon

17, 200+ Man Hours

Saved By Adopting To DevOps Approach And Automation

Devops Faster Time To Market With Continuous Application Delivery Key Metrics Icon


Faster Time-to-Market With Continuous Application Delivery

Devops Automated Tests Pass Rate Key Metrics Icon


Automated Tests Pass Rate

Devops Readily Available Pool Of Devops Aws Azure Certified Consultants Key Metrics Icon


Readily Available Pool Of DevOps (AWS & Azure) Certified Consultants

Devops Average Cost Savings Across Devops Engagements Key Metrics Icon


Average Cost Savings Across DevOps Engagements

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