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HR ops Integrated Workflow Assistant

The HR function in the current days have the onus to go beyond its operational role and transform itself into an enabler of business outcomes — delivered through people. The HR processes and activities are of high-volume , time consuming and transactional in nature between different systems , data sources and humans.

To help the HR function be highly efficient and be a true business partner , iOPEX has developed an Integrated Workflow Assistant framework – which is a combination of conversational BOT’s for end user facing interactions and process BOT’s for automating back end HR operations and tasks. The BOT’s can engage with the users either reactively to answer queries or proactively based on certain pre defined events.

HIWA enables organizations to now engage in a personalized way at scale thus reducing the processing cycle time , gaining higher efficiency with greater compliance and employee satisfaction at optimal cost.

Gain efficiency and increase employee satisfaction through Automation at an optimal cost

Unlock business benefits with HIWA

HIWA automates the workload thus enabling the HR function to focus on critical business issues and human touch-points. You can build ,train and deploy bots to interact with different interfaces and channels to perform transactional activities.


Build scale at ease without compromising on employee experience and create a positive business impact

What can HIWA do for you

Offers a seamless digital HR partner providing a bouquet of HR service offerings to supplement and complement the HR workforce.


Upgrade employee experience, improve HR agility and ease compliance management.


Monitor and manage IT in real time. Cut down expenses and bring down losses by analysing graphic-rich, customized reports on financial impact, availability and capacity, performance, SLA, SLM, and requirement forecasts.


  • Check the availability of your network resources, notify users of outages, and generation of performance data for reports
  • 24/7 monitoring of your network and alerting through multiple channels. Minimize downtime and interruptions to your business
  • Website monitoring with ease. Deep dive by getting the uptime and performance of the web applications and Internet services.
  • Monitor Health and availability of entire server stack, stay focused on outages and narrow down the issue with capability for Root Cause Analysis. AWS and other cloud based monitoring on one single click.
  • Make sure that your applications are running at optimum performance, provide the team with complete view on all key parameters, including applications hosted on the AWS or Azure.
  • Backup, push and revert configurations. Identify specific changes done before and after. Receive Notification for any unauthorized Changes.
  • Monitor interface-level network bandwidth and traffic patterns with configurable intervals up to a granularity of one minute.
  • Manage allocation of IP address in an efficient way. Track the switch port connected devices with ease.
  • Extensive customizable reports according to business requirement, with valuable analysis of network for vulnerabilities through log collection, consolidation, retention, real time and post storage analysis
  • Offers a concise and centralized view of IT management through a single screen, editable dashboard. Bandwidth report by user level, application and IP address.


Our obsession to data-driven decision making, triggered us to build our own Data Analytics Platform – OpEx Wise

OpEx Wise unleashes the true power of artificial intelligence by analyzing large data and helps detect patterns, reconcile network elements, identify root causes, resolve incidents, and minimize revenue leakages in third party contracts.

Intelligent Analytics Platform


  • Functions as a framework/prototype with data mining capabilities rather than Hadoop setup.
  • Uses artificial intelligence to maintain a knowledge base derived from the skills and experience of SMEs.
  • Enables resolution of complex issues by providing a technical analysis of incident occurrences, their causes, and suggestions for incident avoidance in the future.
  • Presents the on-the-floor scenario to managers with customizable dashboards which highlight favorable & undesirable events by continuously updating business critical metrics.
  • Helps you sift through voluminous incident logs & unearth areas of improvement by allowing you to add / remove dimensions for comparing various factors in real-time
  • Being agile, the tool facilitates SQL-like selection for choosing or eliminating multiple criteria and generates graphical reports on the fly in desired format
  • Correlation Engine and auto tagger functionality to segregate and optimize data at various levels
  • leverages on its Distance Vector Correlation engine to rationalize spend and resources.
  • Eliminates the challenge of “focus on process and operations only, without considering people efficiency”, by giving an integrated view of people productivity as a live dashboard

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