Market to Revenue

Your go-to-market plan executed and operationalised in a well-defined optimized and integrated process to help you achieve maximum spend realisation on marketing, lead generation, contract structuring, billing to revenue disparities and maximization through consistent optimization and automation of processes.
$ 30 MN
revenue through upsell
and cross sell in 365 days
digital campaign
ad creative
$ 150 MN
media spend


Lead Generation, Sales

Lead Gen & Sales

Buying process today has significantly changed; it’s no more finding customers, but about being found when and where they’re looking for.
The digital channel has been going through changes almost every day. Spending top marketing dollars alone does not guarantee the right audience, leads and prospects for your products or services.

We help our clients channelize their valuable marketing budgets. Our market research team provides the prospect insights that helps in zeroing in on the target audience. We are together with you throughout the presales journey – Leads Data, reach-out, pitch preparation, RFXs support until deal closure.

Revenue Maximization

With access to thousands of customer-transactions every day, iOPEX is able to employ customer intelligence tools and big data analytics to identify buying patterns and customer behavior. Our analytics team aggregates data from all customer systems that capture a customer’s engagement history with your brand like past product purchases, version upgrades, details of support interactions etc.

Our well-trained customer advocacy team is able to leverage this and very effectively transform every customer interaction into potential revenue. This helps our clients in maximizing the life time value of their customers while increasing topline and profitability.

Revenue Maximization

Media Spend Assurance

Media Spend Assurance

Internet advertising in the U.S. will grow by 9% to $66B, with mobile and video internet advertising being the fastest growing at 22.1% by 2018. We’re talking about a lot of money here. But where is all this money going, is it coming back into your system as revenues? To monitor this a very integrated, precise and real-time monitoring system is necessary.

Businesses being fed with data from multiple sources on a near real-time basis makes it imperative to take corrective steps and put control measures if things aren’t working your way, delay in taking decisions could lead to huge dollars being burnt with no RoI.

Our expert team of data analysts, with our proprietary tool iMediaLens work with multiple teams and collate data and put together real-time time-sensitive business analytics to enable better business decisions to optimize/maximize spend across right channels that yield consistent ROIs.

We don’t just monitor data to help you make spend decisions but also take it further to optimize financial book keeping and ensure data required for invoicing to multiple stakeholders involved are timely validated, making sure of 100% statutory compliance and reconciliation.

Digital Media Services

Maximizing the time of campaign managers to engage with marketers to advocate right media spend and maximize ROI enables constant flow of ad revenue into a platform or an ad-services.

We help you to free up your media teams to focus on strategy and drive Ad Ops efficiency quickly and effectively. Our proficient team will manage the day to day blocking and tackling work like campaign setup, ad-trafficking, quality assurance, inventory on-boarding and management and reporting and analytics.

Tap into our rich knowledge and experience on display, mobile, video, search, SSP, DSP ad platforms. We provide agile and accurate operations support. Our expert media analyst along with the operations optimizing tools that we have developed would enable high accuracy rate and quick turnaround.

Digital Media Services, Ad Tech Services, Publisher Services

Technology Expertise

Ad Servers

Social & Search

Ad Platforms

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