Enablers for your Brand's Ad Delivery
and Spend Optimization


Unravel the source of truth from digital ad-spend metrics across all your channels
Establish real-time business analytics to maximize your spend across right channels with consistent ROIs Learn more


Automate ad quality assurance & safe guard brand experience in your programmatic ad delivery and management life cycle Learn more

  • Establish and sustain real time control on your Brand's Media spend ROI
  • Ensure smooth programmatic ad delivery with quality resonating with brand image

Right Ads To Right Audience

  • Guarantee smooth and compliant ad delivery with clean, safe and appropriate ad content
  • Standardize, optimize and continuously monitor the entire Brand safety management process in programmatic/Direct Ad delivery

Placements Inline With Brand Integrity

  • Quality Assurance mechanism for advertiser domain classification and ad verification processes
  • Detect auto-redirects, data leakages via pixel drops for consumer safety and publisher/ad-tech reputation

Automated Bad Ads Detection

  • Identification of interstitial ads, pop-ups, auto-expand, auto-scroll, auto play sound to improve user experience
  • Avoid latent ads that slows down loading speed and affect the user's experience resulting in poor content monetization

Automated Brand Protection Rules

  • Continuous machine driven automatic scan of ads for monitoring compliance and user experience
  • Auto detect brand damaging ads using proven Google Vision API and drive brand safety awareness

Right Mix Of Technology and Processes

  • Flexibility to configure scan settings across various geo proxies to measure user experience across different geographies
  • Monitoring and reporting mechanism to efficiently manage the health of operations in the programmatic ad management and domain management life cycle