AWS Cost Optimization Services

For enterprises operating on cloud or exploring to migrate into cloud operations, who are looking for scalability and cost savings, Amazon Web Services which is a part of the managed services at iOPEX technologies offers cloud and hybrid solutions focusing on cost savings, efficiency, and security. Unlike other cloud service providers, we create tailor-made cost-optimized solutions based on in-depth and extensive auditing.

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Why should you audit your cloud infrastructure?

Will you allow fluctuating costs in your personal or business banking accounts by ignoring irrelevant deductions or payments? Then, why neglect cloud auditing which is an integral part of your business process. We at iOPEX adopt consistent and comprehensive cloud auditing measures to save costs and improve efficiency.

Audit: An extensive audit will be performed by validating the existing usage reports, resource utilization patterns, present, and future cloud infrastructure requirements, Compute, Storage, Database, Network etc., and gather detailed usage reports & relevant reports by interviewing the different AWS cloud infrastructure departments.

Reporting: The audit report will cover the granular level details explaining the understanding of the client’s AWS eco-system, with a detailed outcome denoting the spend, areas of optimization opportunities, tailor-made process to fit the client’s need to optimize cost. We create a comprehensive list of suggestions to adopt for better infrastructure utilization with reduced cost.

Review and Approve: A detailed discussion with the cloud operations team and stakeholders to review the prepared report/document. The discussion is always intended to receive feedback on the report and in case of any suggestions or additional requirements, the document is changed or updated to include as a part of the solution.

Implementation Phase: The approved changes will be implemented phase by phase with specific timelines. Feedback is gathered during the implementation stage to improvise cloud optimization.

Monitoring & Continuous Improvement: Optimization yield constructive results by not just adopting best practices but on constant monitoring of resources and infrastructure. We ensure to have the right balance between efficiency vs cost and seek for continuous cloud optimization solution, which has been a great success with our existing clients.

Technical Approach:

Cost Optimization - Approach (SISMI)


Instance Selection




Size: Understanding the current application & its dependent infrastructure requirements to do the right sizing of resources. This is for both existing and future resource planning.

Instance Selection: Choosing the right computation, storage, database, or any resource required against its market availability & cost. This may sound simple, but there are more than 1M combinations exist which varies based on the requirement.

Scalable: Ensuring various circumstances are taken into consideration like traffic (low, normal, high), availability, reliability, and ability to scale resources automatically and more efficiently to achieve peak utilization of resources yet ensuring excellent customer satisfaction.

Monitor: Continuous monitoring of resource utilization (Both scalable & stagnant resources) will help to understand the usage pattern and come up with the exact requirement.

Continuous Improvement: Continuous improvement has been our brand success. Hence, we ensure the client’s optimization process is a continuous one and helps them in the long run making it a habit to save cost.

Key Metrics for Cloud Cost Audit and Optimization Analysis

Cloud infrastructure

Why iOPEX?

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RPA expertise

Readily available pool of AWS certified consultants

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Network Operations Center (NOC)

  • Monitoring and Alerting: 24/7 monitoring of your network and alerting through multiple channels, minimizes downtimes and interruptions to your business
  • Health Checks: Review the health and stability of your network environment against independent benchmarks and industry best practices
  • Proactive Monitoring: Analyze your network for vulnerabilities through log collection, consolidation, retention, real time and post storage analysis

Security Operations Center (SOC)

  • Proactive Analysis: Egress and Ingress traffic analysis, log analysis, antivirus and firewall monitoring, VPN monitoring, Intrusion detection & prevention
  • Reactive Services: Vulnerability response coordination, incident root- cause analysis, response coordination, alerts and warning
  • Security Auditing: Our SOC can perform periodic audits on your infrastructure, security mechanism and provide suggestions to improve security

Data Center Management

iOpex offers best in class DC management services, based on ITIL standards and practices, to help organizations reduce IT Infrastructure and operational costs and achieve higher service and performance levels. Services offered include:

  • DC Monitoring and Production Operations- Monitoring of critical parameters and processes, effective event correlation, proactive health checks, Patch management
  • Server, Storage and Database Management – outcome based services on Architecture design, managed services with 24/7 coverage, database migration, optimize backup and storage IT infrastructure
  • DC Network Management: Monitor and control DC switches and routers, onsite and remote network support

Network Management

Managed Network Services – offers comprehensive communications infrastructure management for Enterprise customers. Through our 24/7 support model and strong in-house networking expertise, we provide:

  • Managed WAN, LAN, WLAN services
  • Network Optimization services
  • Managed Unified Communication services
  • Network Virtualization

Cloud Adoption and Migration

  • Design of cloud services, migration and infrastructure, applications
  • Cloud services aggregation, integration and deployment on cloud
  • AWS Cost Optimization Services

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

  • Cloud implementation and integration with other modules
  • Remote Cloud infrastructure operations and management
  • Data center consolidation and transformation

Virtualization Capabilities

  • Expertise in VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Citrix XenServer
  • Hands-on Experience with Citrix XenApp and Microsoft AppV for application virtualization
  • Expertise in XenDesktop, VMware VDI, Citrix VDI-In-A-Box and the latest Citrix Excalibur.

Azure Consulting Services

Our cloud experts help study your existing infrastructure and come up with the ROI assessment. Our consulting service also includes a detailed assessment report and a cloud migration strategy that takes into account the different applications, technologies operating models and cloud migration business cases.

Azure Design & Architecture

iOPEX’s Azure experts can help with design and architecture services by taking into consideration your existing hosted IT infrastructure, current systems, software licenses, organization growth and processes that are critical in designing an apt cloud platform that can scale and seamlessly integrate with legacy systems.

Azure Implementation/Migration Services

Our Azure implementation/migration services are based on our customers’ business goals and planned in a such a way that there is minimal downtime. We assess existing inventory of physical and virtual servers to map dependencies and to identify which applications will be best suited to leverage the cloud. We propose the most appropriate migration strategy – rehost, lift & shift, rearchitect, rebuild or refactor based on the existing infrastructure and design.

Azure Monitoring & Support

Once all infrastructure has been moved to Azure cloud, monitoring becomes a mandatory but painful task where most organizations don’t have the time nor resources to do it effectively. This is where iOPEX team can help with cloud experts who are available 24/7 and can effectively monitor and support your cloud infrastructure.

Azure Cost Optimization Services

Based on the infrastructure monitoring data, the complete overview and the daily costs data is made available to our customers and an in-depth analysis is conducted. Our Azure consultants will then come up with a custom cost optimization solution that optimizes reservations, utilizes spare computing power, grouping data transfers and optimal use of load balancers.


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