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10 years of Professionalism - iOPEX is Growing!

Thanking our Employees:

Marking our 10th year Anniversary, we take this opportunity to thank all our employees who helped to build this beautiful iOPEX family and believed that the “Client’s perception is our reality” while delivering the services.

We also believe that we have acted as a bridge in helping our employees to learn and nurture their skills across various domains & business functions which has been the most satisfactory feeling that we take away from this journey.

Thanking our Clients:

The trust that our clients have put on us all these years have helped iOPEX embark this long-lasting journey. We will ensure to put our client’s objective as priority while delivering the service for now and forever. We appreciate all our clients for having chosen iOPEX in their business journey.

Thanking the Leadership Team:

Decision making is crucial on any level of businesses; Our leadership team has helped iOPEX to take some key decisions in the last ten years and have stood by with all the decisions made. iOPEX feels proud to have such vibrant leaders and we will continue to be an aiding factor to create more such leaders.

Thanking Everyone!

A wonderful chance to thank all our vendors, suppliers, International Organization for Standardization (ISO), PCI security standards council, Software Technology Parks of India (STPI), transportation team, facility team, security team, housekeeping staffs and all those who have been part of this remarkable ten years.

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