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They say every great business is built on relationships. True that. We believe in delivering excellent customer services that aid in handling queries, resolving disputes, and building loyalty among your customers. We strive on focusing on superior CE evidenced by high CSAT and NPS scores, and are offered via Phone, Chat, web and email.
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Customer Service, Technical Support, Gaming Support Services

Customer Advocacy

CXOs are constantly on the lookout for strategic partners who are competent and can add value to their business by providing key differentiators. Equipped with proprietary tools, proven best-practices and efficient workforce - iOPEX can meet this expectation.

We go the extra mile by helping our customers unlock the hidden potential in the operations data using big data analytics and provide valuable insights for product refinement, cross-sell/upsell and increasing customer lifetime value.

IT Optimization

Businesses today are very agile and dynamic; it needs a constant upgrade of IT infrastructure to keep all its systems going. The investments made sometimes are very significant and are easily not replaceable in a flash. Delaying critical decisions could cost heavily on business performance.

We help businesses optimize their existing systems, streamline and make it business-ready, thereby reducing total cost of ownership and safeguarding your IT expenditure, while not letting it affect the way you conduct business in the new environment.

Infrastructure Management, Enterprise Product Support

Revenue Assurance

KPO Services

In today's competitive market, companies are finding the need to shorten the time to market while maintaining the quality of their products and services. Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) can help them on this front by providing advanced analytical and technical skills and a high degree of specialist expertise to enhance operations efficiency.

However, in order to get the maximum benefit, companies must seek an outsourcing partner that lays emphasis on continuous learning of their workforce, and can seamlessly integrate with its value chain

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