Optimize Media Spend
with Competitor
Ad strategy Insights

Understand competitor insights that you can leverage

  • Network and Device level strategies
  • Demographics of top publisher collaborations
  • Campaign level strategies & performances
  • Top performing ad concepts and creatives

In this age of fierce competition and ever increasing digital ad spends, it becomes important for brands and marketers to understand their competitors’ ad strategy in order to adapt and optimize their own spends.

In this report, we show you a glimpse of how you should be looking into your competitors’ ads and ad spend data to gain insights.

About iOPEX Media Spend Assurance Practice

Our practice’s modus operandi is to equip brands and marketers with the ability to measure and optimize their media spend across all digital channels in near real time. We go about this journey by establishing a mix of tool based and process based capabilities that enable teams with all information and guidance needed for taking continuous time-sensitive spend optimization decisions.

About iMediaLens

iMediaLens is our proprietary framework for establishing near real-time business analytics to enable better business decisions to optimize/maximize spend across right channels that yield consistent ROIs.

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