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OPEXWise 2021 - A Digital Aura Powered by iOPEX Technologies

Embrace the Digital Aura

“OPEXWise 2021” is a virtual event set to examine the latest developments in Digital Transformation. Intelligent automation, cloud adoption, and the work done to ignite low-value to the high-power value of business excellence with digital innovations.

Join us at the "OPEXWise" Summit on 31 March 2021, an Invitation-only digital event, and tap into the expertise of industry leaders and to viewing your Digital Transformation needs through a new lens by exploring the latest trends and best practices to accelerate company-wide transformation.

Attendees will hear from leaders in the technology industry on digital transformation in the time of COVID-19, security risks companies face while transforming, erasing the digital divide, and emerging technologies.

“Digital Aura” features:

  • Deliver Superior Customer Experience thru "OPEXWise"
    Break the organization boundaries by building seamless and connected ecosystems, integrate process and technology, and gain capabilities to deliver e2e customer experience.
  • Accelerate Business Innovation thru Digital Core:
    Redefine core enterprise process with cloud-first (application to services), process redesign framework, and Intelligent automation toolkit
  • Agile AI Operations through process automation:
    Accelerate outcomes more than efficiencies. Delivery Speed and transparency by streamlining and automating processes that aim to deliver a rapid response to changing market dynamics
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OPEXWise 2021 - A Digital Aura Powered by iOPEX Technologies
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Mar 10 2021 , CIO DIVE
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Mar 15 2021 ,
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Feb 12 2021 ,
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Session Videos




OPEXWise the One Office Mindset

Thomas Reuner from HFS provides a clear-cut explanation on the evolution of automation and where the future of enterprise operations are heading



Bernice DeMarco from British Telecom (BT) shares her experience on their transformation journey in the bill to cash and business assurance operations


Org Culture for Digital Transformation

Paul Rosenbaum from AT&T, Martin Ingram from Avaya, and Daniel Herscovici from Edison Ventures discuss organizational culture for Digital Transformation


Digital Transformation in Media Operations

The session on digital transformation in media operations was moderated by Randal Wark which was one of the most interactive sessions of the day. The keynote speakers being media-based leaders, the examples and analogies were very interesting and engaging to the audience


Transformation at Scale: Engineering PoV

The session demonstrates how technology and engineering have enabled organizations like T-Mobile, Workato, and Google to stand apart from their competitors and gain a competitive advantage in winning new customers and retaining them with superior customer experiences


Scale Up Operations for Growth

The session will cover Randal Wark asking questions on scaling up operations to manage growth and how Stephen Cloughesy from Palo Alto Networks and Jagdeep Singh from Aruba networks have managed their operations efficiently to meet the changing needs of the businesses