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Product Information and Content Syndication Automation

In e-commerce operations, maintaining digital shelf information with high quality details is one of the primary focuses of CPG companies & retailers. While other areas of e-commerce like supply chain have been optimized to a large extent, a lot of manual work in managing product content still hinders customer experience and effective sale of products. This is due to changing retailer requirements, multiple internal systems where information is stored, manual quality checks etc.

PICSA is a product information and content syndication automation framework that helps you transform your e-commerce ops to enable your teams to relieve themselves of manual tasks and focus more on high value tasks such as analyzing and optimizing sales.

Spend more time on customer experience and sales optimization strategy rather than updating & validating product information

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Let’s take a look at the mechanics of how PICSA makes your e-commerce Product Information process efficient, giving your employees time, to focus on customer success and revenue.


A. Design & Orchestration

  1. Repetitive tasks that need to be automated are built as software tasks to mimic human actions
  2. The software tasks are created using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Software.
  3. These tasks are deployed on PICSA Orchestrator and are scheduled to run as jobs
  4. PICSA Orchestrator maps and allocates compute resources optimally to the jobs

B. Exceptions and Intelligence Management

  1. PICSA Orchestrator triggers the RPA jobs on VMs (compute resource) on a cloud platform
  2. The jobs are executed on platforms including Syndication platforms, MDM, PLM, ERP, e-commerce Channels etc.
  3. The type of inputs may also vary from excel extracts, PDFs, emails or files in FTP/Box locations
  4. PICSA raises exceptions like incorrect input formats, non-availability of data etc. to the PICSA Ops team


  1. The rejuvenated PICSA Ops team focus the majority of their time on customer success and revenue activities
  2. They now only work on monitoring and managing exceptions thrown by PICSA

Implementing an automated workforce solution is comparable to hiring a new resource to your team. You can train and re-train (configure) a PICSA bot to automate repetitive and manual tasks, in turn freeing up valuable time for your e-commerce team to shift their focus on analytical and sales optimization strategies leading to better ROI.


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