Publisher Services

At iOPEX, we partner closely with publisher campaign managers and help them manage the blocking and tackling tasks on ad operations and create bandwidth to truly focus on more strategic, revenue-generating engagement with customers. Our agile and expert traffickers can traffic and optimize in all major ad servers and enable to achieve quick turn around with greater accuracy.

Trafficking & QA

  • Trafficking of New Placement and modification in publisher ad-servers.
  • Coordinating with respective stakeholders to acquire and traffic creative assets.
  • Validate Placements and Creative during pre and post go live.
  • Post Campaign QA and screen captures on creative views.
  • Programmatic Deal-ID management.

Native Ads setup and management

  • Native Ads & Content customization based publisher website requirement
  • Custom Ads Creation
  • Monitoring of Ad breakages and apply fixes

Campaign Management

  • Campaign health checks and monitoring.
  • Campaign optimization (pacing, day parting, geo targeting, CTR, CPI, CPV etc.).
  • Pricing and yield management for publishers.
  • Campaign delivery and performance reporting (inclusive of 3rd party data discrepancy flagging).

Reporting & Analysis

  • Inventory checks and product set consolidation for sales requirements
  • Third Party data reconciliation (Impression, Click)
  • Campaign Performance reporting
  • Data Consolidation for Invoices and campaign planning