Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Services

RPA services that enable enterprises to optimize operational expenses, improve productivity and support digital transformation

There’s no better way to do business than the optimized way. Savings in costs, time and resources opens up avenues for investments in improving the services offered to end-customers. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has enabled enterprises to improve productivity and achieve operational excellence by eliminating repetitive and mundane manual tasks.

iOPEX has helped numerous customers boost their operational efficiency and control costs by implementing Robotic Process Automation. Our end-to-end RPA services include assessing, strategizing, designing, implementing and supporting RPA implementations with our experienced RPA consultants and engineers. iOPEX is agile, flexible and can help with proof of concepts (POCs) for our customers to understand the value of RPA solutions.

RPA Services
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RPA Business Readiness Services

Business Readiness Analysis

Companies (especially CXO's, IT Management and Enterprise Architects) are on the look-out for an effective solution to their rising business needs. iOPEX is currently capacitated with proven best practices, implementation insights and a skilled workforce to meet your RPA needs effectively.

Our expertise involves a thorough analysis of the RPA readiness for your processes to ensure that returns are maximized. Identifying key constraints and check listing them to help you realize long term benefits are the approach we take to ensure lifetime value.

Business Case Discovery

Robotic Process Optimization is more than just a cost savings technique, it is also a philosophy and affects the core operations processes in many ways. Hence, setting clear expectations and determining the course of action with the organization’s sponsors and stakeholders is vital to its success. iOPEX is equipped with the right skills and knowledge to effectively discover business cases that are most appropriate for RPA and plan out the efforts.

RPA Business Case Discovery
RPA Proof Of Concept

Proof of Concept

RPA is both a short term prescriptive and protective measure to ensure there is better long-term cost and resource savings. Having a clear plan of implementation and piloting processes helps ensure there is a clearly defined operating path to ensure successful robotic process optimization in the organization. iOPEX’s trained RPA consultants ensure proper planning and execution of the RPA Proof of Concept to showcase the full extent of the RPA value.

RPA Implementation

Successful implementation is often a result of careful planning and clearly defined goals. RPA implementation requires all the process flows to be clearly defined, project plan to be decided upon and finally, the robots to be created and tested.

Our RPA implementation expertise spans over both self-running automation (back office & unattended) and human guided automation (front office & attended). iOPEX has in-depth expertise in developing robust, flexible, autonomous robots to support complex workflows through a clearly documented and well-coded software reconciliation process that sets us apart in terms of quality and agility from the rest.

RPA Implementation
RPA Support

RPA Support

Although RPA robots are designed and implemented to be autonomous in its operations and seldom require any human intervention, there is always space for further improvement. iOPEX’s unique service offering includes bot maintenance and day-to day bot operations analysis to remove bottle necks and issues to ensure continuous improvement.

RPA Methodology

RPA Methodology

RPA Technology Expertise

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