SIEM Services

Unlock the full potential of your SIEM investments for better ROI by leveraging our technical expertise and operational excellence

iOPEX, a certified Splunk services partner has in-depth experience in successfully providing expertise in Information Security, DevOps and Business Analytics using Splunk and other SIEM tools. Splunk is one of the primary SIEM platforms that iOPEX uses to provide solutions for aggregating, analyzing, monitoring, visualizing and reporting of enterprise data from disparate sources. Organizations that are looking to deploy or have already deployed Splunk have evolving needs to realize the full potential of the platform because of their generic deployment approach and skillset gaps.

Our engagement ensures a thorough assessment of your existing technology setup to gauge the implementation and its usage maturity index, followed by a tailored recommendation, implementation and deployment plan that meets your objectives and a scalable managed services offering that allow you to focus on your core business while we efficiently handle your setup, monitoring and remediation and maximize the Splunk and other SIEMs ROI.

Splunk Services
Splunk Managed Services for a leading software platform company and its 400+ APAC customers

InfoSec Services

Our experienced InfoSec services experts help assess the existing network model & architecture and come up with an appropriate data aggregation design for SIEM monitoring. This will enable organizations to collect, index, analyze, and correlate all logs from the network, servers, and applications. Log analysis reports will provide continuous visibility across your IT infrastructure and enable better security, governance and incident response. We also can provide SIEM integration and custom development services to ensure that you realize maximum benefits from your SIEM investments. Our 24x7 SIEM monitoring and managed security services team can efficiently handle administration, remediation and enterprise security needs which includes

  • Privileged User Monitoring
  • Detect Account Takeovers
  • Detect When a Critical System Stops Sending Logs
  • Detect and Stop Data Exfiltration

DevOps & IT Operations Services

Our SIEM Dev/IT Ops services start with a thorough assessment of your application delivery environment and its infrastructure followed by a detailed recommendation of operation framework based on ITSM & ITIL best practices. Our experts can also help with the installation and configuration of the ideal SIEM based IT and DevOps environment that will ensure scalable and faster application delivery and management process. Our cost-effective and reliable managed services will ensure improved application uptime, continuous deployment capability and end-to-end IT operational visibility. Our 24x7 SIEM monitoring and IT/Dev Ops services team can efficiently handle administration and remediation of

  • Service Down / Server Restart
  • Link Down / Circuit Down
  • Disk Space
  • CPU Spikes
  • Process Thread Count

Business/Systems Analytics

Today, the business world thrives on valuable real-time business insights through a convergence of data. Our SIEM Business Analytics services can help you harness machine data from many sources – servers, applications and mobile devices to gain real-time business insights that drive informed decision making. Our business analytics services include configuring and setting up business processes, product insights, customer experience and marketing analytics using the SIEM Dashboard framework. Our sophisticated real-time and robust business analytics services use SIEM Web Framework that will put your business in the growth path, which includes

  • Create and modify dashboards
  • Add advanced features to existing dashboards
  • Add custom styles and logic to dashboards
  • Create interactive dashboards with custom layouts and visualizations
  • Integrate SIEM components into web site and applications

Orchestration & Automation – Continuously enhance operations using SIEM

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