Software Development and Maintenance

Software Application development across business departments have typically focused on features and its functions. In the present digital transformation world, enhancing features alone would not be enough to deliver value to the customers and end-users, hence organizations are voluntarily changing their application development focus on delivering enjoyable user experience.

iOPEX Technologies application development and maintenance service is always in tune with the evolving business requirements and acquires an IT framework that can keep up the pace of our clients. Our deep-rooted domain knowledge and experience enables us to operate in complex application environments and handle client crucial applications efficiently. Some of the key things we do:

  • Help transform legacy applications to leverage emerging technologies
  • Conduct in-depth portfolio analysis to discover growth opportunities
  • Enable nimble, scalable, and efficient processes with cloud migration
  • Develop highly customized workflows for multi-channel content distribution
  • Enhance digital capabilities to unlock the full potential of IoT, AI, and mobile solutions
  • IOPEX Technologies manages critical software applications development for leading companies, helping customers reduce cost with zero downtime.
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Applications built for a purpose

The future belongs to purpose-built applications, having said that iOPEX ensures to meet the individual goals of the customer. We build applications which are flexible and scalable by taking speed-to-market as a key criterion while developing applications as a delayed market entry can cause loss of significant revenue and market share.

  • Requirement analysis
  • Concept design
  • Development and implementation
  • Functional and Non-functional Testing

Legacy to Modern Application and Cloud Migration

    Transforming from Legacy to Modern Applications with Cloud adoption has been a challenge for most companies. Legacy Applications face both stability and security risks as they lack the technical advancements that are needed to work on cloud platforms. Hence at iOPEX, we prepare a roadmap for modernization and ensure seamless cloud migration.

  • Study as-is architecture
  • Define migration goals and strategy
  • Migrate with minimum downtime
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Maintenance and Support

Considering the Software TCO into consideration we provide a three-way approach to our support and maintenance: 1) A team that tackles minor and major issues that triggers system performance and functionality. 2) A team that that manages stability and reliability of your software and hardware in a new ecosystem. 3) A support system that ensure that the application is performing according to the latest technology and market competitiveness.

  • Continuous improvements
  • System performance monitoring
  • 24/7 issue resolution

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