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Integrated Automation

Picking the right processes is the

Key for a successful cognitive automation journey

Process Mapping

Integrated Automation is easier said than done. Over the years, most enterprises have let process evolve by osmosis choosing a plethora of convenient ERP, SaaS, Desktop productivity software that justified ROI on the prevailing business requirements. However, as technology continues to evolve, the costs of a major revamp becomes prohibitively expensive one.

As a result, the current processes are complex, with a lot of manual and programmatic interfaces that support businesses. Hence, we must adopt a disciplined approach to break each process and subprocesses. We should also break down into surface automation and server automation tasks to arrive at our desired goals.

Effort Mapping

It must be initiated in the analysis process before any development is started. A high-level breakdown of the process is mandatory. For very large processes the first level of breakdown should be on logical components, any potential challenges should be identified by focusing on the most complex part of the automation, which is usually done using relevant tools.

Whist estimating, it is not about how many steps we are automating, but choosing the complexity of the applications and business rules is the key. Local exception handling needs to be incorporated for complex scenarios and once we are clear, then it is worth converting to a simple bot to integrate into your existing operations.

BOT Design

A typical approach to building back-office bots is that it doesn’t require human intervention - unlike the front office bots which generally works with human assistance. We, at iOPEX, believe that the workflow should be constructed in such a way that bots handle 50% of the back-office processes from the inputs provided but the control must be in the hands of the individual contributors. In order to have a smooth transition from the existing workflow to an automated one and to avoid any unfavorable implications on the output, we ensure to keep this is as a fundamental rule.

The other design principle for the BOT would be that it can be monitored, interrupted and most importantly verbose in its log. As the complexity of the process increases, the design view should accommodate hierarchical BOTS as well. Stakeholder management, with both Business, IT and Operations is a prerequisite for the design to deliver the ROI.

BOT Manage

Building a comprehensive automation framework is crucial while choosing an Automation partner. Managing bot activity and generating a report for improvisation is a mandated process, which can take care of the compliance associated with the overall framework.

Supervisor bots are built by standalone scripts which can monitor the activities of all the bots in a process to track down their activities and to have a track record for future references. It not only takes care of the compliance but is also the standard security for the enterprise data. The supervisory bots must be designed in a way to capture Root Cause Analysis of exceptions from the logs and corrective action initiated.

RPA services that enable enterprises to optimize operational expenses, improve productivity & support digital transformation

There’s no better way to do business than the optimized way. Savings in costs, time and resources opens up avenues for investments in improving the services offered to end-customers. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has enabled enterprises to improve productivity and achieve operational excellence by eliminating repetitive and mundane manual tasks.

iOPEX has helped numerous customers boost their operational efficiency and control costs by implementing Robotic Process Automation. Our end-to-end RPA services include assessment, strategy, design, implementation and RPA support with our experienced automation consultants and engineers. iOPEX is agile, flexible and can help with proof of concepts (POCs) for our customers to understand the value of RPA solutions.

Our RPA consultants have the ability to provide cutting edge solutions in excel automation, chatbot, SAP, finance, HR, IT, front-office, middle-office and back-office automation.

Machine Learning as a Service


Business Readiness Analysis for RPA

iOPEX Business Readiness Analysis for RPA implementation is the first and most critical step towards digital transformation. This service helps customers identify business processes and applications that can are ideal for robotic process automation. The RPA business readiness analysis services covers:

  • Process Assessment
  • Scope & Compatibility
  • Feasibility Study Report
  • Effort & Benefit Estimation

RPA Business Case Discovery

The RPA business case discovery process essentially includes business and process maturity assessment to develop an optimization roadmap. iOPEX’s experienced consultants work closely with the business teams to identify efficient workload / process selection for RPA and also support with choosing the right RPA platforms that are suited based on the existing IT environment and RPA requirement. Typical RPA business case discovery process includes:

  • Business Case Discovery
  • High level as-is and to-be maps
  • Technology agnostic views & recommendations
  • Cost & Effort Break-downs

RPA Proof of Concept

Once the ideal use cases for RPA are identified, iOPEX’s RPA experts will define the objectives for the RPA proof of concept, build an internal RPA framework, avail appropriate IT access rights for the BOTs, come up with the new performance measures to ensure that the RPA Proof of Concept execution showcases the full extent of the RPA value. In short, the RPA Proof of Concept will include:

  • Shortlist POC Process
  • Identify suitable RPA platform
  • Reference Architecture
  • Pilot Project Execution

RPA Implementation

Our RPA implementation expertise spans over both self-running automation (back office & unattended) and human guided automation (front office & attended). iOPEX has in-depth expertise in developing robust, flexible, autonomous robots to support complex workflows through a clearly documented and well-coded software reconciliation process that sets us apart in terms of quality and agility from the rest.

  • Process Definition Documents (PDD)
  • Solution Design Documents (SDD)
  • BOTs design, testing and deployment
  • Configuration & UAT
  • Release Notes

RPA Support

Although RPA robots are designed and implemented to be autonomous in its operations and seldom require any human intervention, there is always space for further improvement. iOPEX’s unique service offering includes bot maintenance and day-to day bot operations analysis to remove bottle necks and issues to ensure continuous improvement.

  • Set-up RPA Center of Excellence
  • Infrastructure, Governance and Security
  • 24x7 Application Support Group
  • Change Management
  • Process Improvement & Optimization



Digital Media







AIWA - AdOps Integrated Workflow Assistant

AIWA is the Ad Operation’s AI driven integrated automation framework which transforms the traditional AdOps landscape and helps you to buy back valuable time to innovate for customer success.

  • Direct Ad Operations
  • Programmatic Operations
  • Performance Management
  • Reporting , Billing and Reconciliation
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TIWA - Terminal Ops Integrated Workflow Assistant

TIWA enables tech talent to focus on innovation rather than low value repeat tasks. It is an integrated workflow assistant framework created using a combination of BOTs - conversational BOT’s for end user facing interactions and process BOT’s for automating back end operations to optimize processes across IT environment.

  • User Management
  • Monitoring and Alerting
  • Security & Risk Management
  • Infrastructure & Systems Management
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FIWA - FinOps Integrated Workflow Assistant

FIWA drives touchless transactions across multiple enterprise systems and free up finance and accounting teams to focus on advance forecasting and financial planning activities , rather than spend time on ingesting and verifying data.

  • Procure to Pay
  • Order to Cash
  • Record to Report
  • Tax & Compliance
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HIWA - HR ops Integrated Workflow Assistant

HIWA drives efficiency and increase employee satisfaction through automation of repeat task .It is a combination of conversational BOT’s for end user facing interactions and process BOT’s for automating back end HR operations and tasks.

  • Recruitment
  • Admin Activities
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Services
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PICSA - Product Information and Content Syndication Automation

PICSA is a product information and content syndication automation framework that helps you transform your e-commerce content ops to enable your teams to relieve themselves of manual tasks and focus more on high value tasks such as analyzing and optimizing sales.

  • Upstream Activities
  • External Agencies
  • Syndication
  • Retailer Operations
  • Post Go-Live
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