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Integrated Automation

Picking the right processes is the

Key for a successful cognitive automation journey

Automation enables enterprises to optimize operational expenses, improve productivity & support digital transformation

There’s no better way to do business than the optimized way. Savings in costs, time and resources opens up avenues for investments in improving the services offered to end-customers. Integrated Automation has enabled enterprises to improve productivity and achieve operational excellence by eliminating repetitive and mundane manual tasks.

iOPEX has helped numerous customers boost their operational efficiency and control costs by implementing Integrated Automation. Our end-to-end Automation include assessment, strategy, design, implementation and support with our experienced automation consultants and engineers. iOPEX is agile, flexible and can help with proof of concepts (POCs) for our customers to understand the value of integrated automation.

Our consultants have the ability to provide cutting edge solutions in excel automation, chatbot, SAP, finance, HR, IT, front-office, middle-office and back-office automation.

Our approach to Integrated Automation encompasses one or more of the 3 building blocks

Robotics Process Automation (RPA):

Robotic Process Automation involves a software robot that can mimic human interactions with systems to execute business processes in an automated manner via UI and APIs. The robots can be orchestrated using a scheduler, run real time or can be triggered by a human. RPA is used to execute business processes that have repetitive, rule based and high-volume tasks. E.g. Digitization of documents, Data entry into multiple systems, Back office operational tasks (Finance, HR, IT Ops etc.)

Business Benefits

  • Cost reduction through FTE savings
  • Speed of execution making a business agile (increased productivity)
  • Higher accuracy and compliance
  • Ability to scale with volume
  • Ability to change quickly as needs change (can be configured)
  • Higher customer satisfaction through quick and accurate execution

Integration platform as a service (iPaas):

iPaaS provides a centralized console to manage, govern, and integrate cloud-based and on-premise applications, using tools that can connect across enterprise systems and control integration flows. iPaaS is cloud based in principle, though some services can reside within a firewall. It helps leverage the full power of data in multiple applications, re-enter data multiple times across applications and constantly context-switch across applications to accomplish end to end business flows.

Business Benefits

  • Cost-efficiency through easy integration across systems and FTE savings
  • Scalability with change in process or volumes
  • Higher accuracy and compliance
  • Ease of use – can be used by non-IT resources to make changes easily
  • Improved decision-making through real time tracking of ops data

Low-Code/No-Code (LCNC):

A low-code/no-code platform allows users to build web and mobile applications with minimal or no use of traditional computer programming, instead it is created in a visual integrated development environment (IDE) where one can drag and drop application features and components. Enterprises adopt LC-NC platforms to build software and applications for a more agile way of doing business, to have better customer experience and integration.

Business Benefits

  • Improved Agility – faster development and easy customization to adapt to needs
  • Decreased Costs - build more apps in less time with fewer developers
  • Higher Productivity - time is no longer a barrier to real innovation
  • Better Customer Experience – ease of use for end users with new age interfaces

Automation Journey

Automation revolves around the integration of process, systems & data. At an enterprise level, this means a blend of different types of processes being automated seamlessly across legacy and new-age IT systems and ensuring data integrity. A one size fits all approach may not work in today's enterprise, which is why at iOPEX, we believe in bringing together an approach and framework that is a mixture of RPA, iPaaS and Low code-No code, that interact with each other to provide a well-oiled approach to tie together automation at an enterprise level. This ensures optimal OPEX spend across the organization. Our ML/AI services provide a layer of intelligence above automation to ensure insights and value add that make processes and solutions nimble.

Business Readiness Analysis for Automation

iOPEX Business Readiness Analysis for Automation implementation is the first and most critical step towards digital transformation. This service helps customers identify business processes and applications that can are ideal for Integrated Automation. The automation of business readiness analysis services covers:

  • Process Assessment
  • Scope & Compatibility
  • Feasibility Study Report
  • Effort & Benefit Estimation

Business Case Discovery

Our Business discovery team helps organizations to discover and deliver end-to-end process optimization by integrating different automation platforms such as RPA, iPaaS, Low-code/No-code, and ML. iOPEX’s experienced consultants work closely with the business team to measure the current performance of the business applications, amount of manual activities involved, and requirement of automation support by choosing the right automation platforms that are suited based on the existing IT environment and business processes. Typical the business case discovery process includes:

  • Business Case Discovery
  • Optimized Process Generation
  • End-to-End Process Discovery
  • Curated Automation Suggestion
  • Cost & Effort Breakdowns

Automation Proof of Concept

Once the ideal use cases for an Integrated automation are identified, iOPEX’s automation experts will define the objectives for the proof of concept, build an integration framework, avail appropriate IT access rights for the BOTs, Software, API, Firewall, etc. and come up with the new performance measures to ensure that the Proof of Concept execution showcases the full extent of the automation value. In short, the Automation Proof of Concept will include:

  • Shortlist POC Process
  • Identify suitable Automation Platform (RPA, iPaaS, Low-code/No-code, AI)
  • Reference Architecture
  • Pilot Project Execution`

Automation Implementation

Our implementation expertise spans over both self-running automation (back office & unattended) and human guided automation (front office & attended). iOPEX has in-depth expertise in developing robust, flexible, autonomous robots, cloud infrastructure, API enablement to support complex workflows through a clearly documented and well-coded software reconciliation process that sets us apart in terms of quality and agility from the rest.

  • Process Definition Documents (PDD)
  • Solution Design Documents (SDD)
  • Automation Design, Testing and Deployment
  • Configuration & UAT
  • Release Notes

Automation Support

Although integrated automation is designed and implemented to be autonomous in its operations and seldom require any human intervention, there is always space for further improvement. iOPEX’s unique service offering includes bot maintenance, infrastructure support, firewall monitoring, and day-to day bot operations analysis to remove bottlenecks and issues to ensure continuous improvement.

  • Set-up Automation Center of Excellence
  • Infrastructure, Governance, and Security
  • 24x7 Application Support Group
  • Pilot Project Execution`

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