Give your customers a support experience like never before. Manage ticketing cycle, create custom tickets, use self-help guides, and track statuses and SLA timers to bring down handle time significantly. Build knowledge bases through natural language processing and analysis of f voluminous incident data.

reuse potential

Enabling automated solutions via cause/causality model driven by top call drivers to reduce people dependency

service potential

Enabling incident deflection (self help) and first call resolution through guided solutions driven by machine learning

Intelligent Ticketing System, Knowledge Base

savings potential

Unearthing optimization opportunities through Intuitive Operations dashboards & dynamic analysis of vital support metrics

scaling potential

Enabling support to scale faster by routing issues of increasing complexity based on skill level and past learning

Organizations are under pressure to consistently improve
customer satisfaction while reducing the support costs.

Intelligent Ticketing System, Knowledge Base

Brand Equity of any organization is in the hands of a very vocal customer base, who are the best judge of your customer service. Bad news spreads much faster than good news, and organizations often find themselves doing damage control on daily basis.

Budget for support activities and justifying the same is another gray area. Organizations are mostly constrained due to limited budget available for Customer Support operations, but the quality of service delivered is expected to be top-notch.

Person-Dependence has been adversely impacting Support industry more than any other. Investments into building knowledgeable human resources are constantly lost to competitors.

Support Managers have to consistently achieve SLA Metrics while
managing resource-starved operations.

Effective First Contact is necessary to make a good impression on the customer and any short-comings at this point are difficult to recover from.

Attritionof high quality agents forces the manager into a never-ending process of constantly training and orienting new resources to make them productive as soon as possible.

Intelligent Ticketing System, Knowledge Base

Cost Per Incident tends to grow when support volume increases; however, Support Managers are tasked with reducing the cost per incident.

Escalation Ratio tends to skew towards the higher support tiers over time and it is a constant struggle to maintain the right balance.

Customers often have poor support experience and have to
make repeat calls before the problem is resolved.

Inaccurate Solutions cause reopening of supposedly resolved issues and severely affect CSAT.

Inconsistent Service Experience arises due to non-uniform knowledge levels of agents interacting with the customer.
A positive customer support experience is a must and any slip is magnified in this social era.

Repeat Calls to follow-up on raised issues, sometimes with different departments and different agents, frustrates the Customers and makes them a detractor.

High Resolution Time due to agents taking a long time to understand & diagnose the underlying problem. Customers expect an informed agent who can perform meaningful diagnostics to provide accurate responses to their pointed queries.

Supportfirst helps you realize the true potential of your customer support investments by effectively surmounting these challenges and delighting your stakeholders.


Support Managers


Supportfirst : Support Services Platform

Improve Customer Satisfaction


Proactive monitoring of all channels (chat, mail, phone and social)


Accurate diagnosis for first call resolution


Faster resolution via guided solutions

Optimize Operations Expenditure


Maximized issue resolution at lower levels

Ramp Up

Reduce pre and on the job training times


Incident resolution at Self-help portals via auto agents

Reduce People Dependency


Store knowledge of SMEs in asystematic quality controlled process


Continuously evaluate effectiveness of the captured knowledge


Identify gaps and areas of improvement in the KB to ensure complete & accurate knowledge capture

Leverage Data


Top call-driver identification through Natural Language Processing techniques


Integrate disparate knowledge sources and associate contextually to top call-drivers


Provide the most relevant and useful information to agents in real time

Features of Supportfirst

Supportfirst provides the junior agents with pin-pointed troubleshooting instructions for complex incidents to help them arrive at the correct resolution without any external help.
Supportfirst helps end-users resolve their trivial problems by asking them relevant diagnostic questions at Incident Creation Stage and providing them with ready-to-use resolution steps.
Supportfirst actively detects probable issues on social channels and alerts you even before the customer registers an incident, enabling you to proactively support even before it is called for.
Supportfirst integrates the knowledge residing in various data sources across the organization like incident history, runbooks, KB articles, defect logs, Known Error Databases, Wiki, the knowledge of Senior Agents and also web forums. Supportfirst contextually maps relevant knowledge from all the available sources to incoming incidents by identifying the call-drivers causing the incidents.
Supportfirst analyzes voluminous incident history using Natural Language Processing and recognizes prominent problem areas responsible for maximum amount of incidents. Supportfirst provides an interface where SMEs are forced to provide the diagnostic steps and resolution process for these problem areas, which it continuously validates for effectiveness and relevancy.
Supportfirst drives on-the-job learning to achieve SME-like performance from each agent by assigning incidents with incremental increase in complexity based on agents' past performance in solving incidents.
Supportfirst ensures that new agents with minimal training or experience can become productive from the first day by providing them with incident-specific diagnostics and guided resolutions to solve incidents without any external help.
Supportfirst presents the on-the-floor scenario to your managers with customizable dashboards which highlight favourable and undesirable events by continuously updating business critical metrics and also providing actionable interpretation to take quick and accurate decisions.
Supportfirst helps you sift through voluminous incident logs and unearth areas for improvement by allowing you to add/remove dimensions for comparing various factors in real-time. Supportfirst facilitates SQL-like selection for choosing or eliminating multiple criteria and generates graphical reports on the fly in desired format.


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