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Embrace the design thinking & performance analytics approach to understand and connect with your customers to provide an unified customer journey experience across multiple channels and platforms

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Deep thought


Influencing site visitors with dynamic and contextual content drives exceptional and personalized online experiences. Leverage the true power of digital content and experience management is key to stay relevant and attract more site users

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Service Offerings


Dynamic content creation and production

We ensure your digital content is in synergy with your user experience, need, and expectation across channels through automated, dynamic, responsive content management catering to various browser sizes, device or platform with personalized and targeted campaigns and templates

Audience Management

We design and implement right workflows to bring the right content to the right audience through persona segmentation and implementing targeting rules and targeting component through easy and simplified productive process

Omni-Channel Touch Points

We drive broader brand visibility and exposure through tools that dynamically deliver adaptive and content-centric experiences across every possible point of customer interaction these strategies enables to boost your website’s performance and improves use engagement dramatically

Flexibility for A/B testing

Our swift technology and operations clubbed approach enables marketers to create and handle web experience management variations at scale. In-depth analysis of trends and engagements happening around the variations helps to quickly re-strategies campaign and its reach methods and model

Gain insights

By plugging in analytics with the dynamic content we analyse the usage of pages, content and other relevant assets to increase the visibility of the brand and messaging in a personalized way to infer what attracts and keeps customers happy

Experience as a Strategy

Our extensive service offerings are aimed at deepening relationships and growing customer value through connected experiences. With our powerful tool experience and deep talented resources , we deliver intuitive omnichannel digital strategies and experiences for your business


Our Approach

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Analyse for better User Engagement

Our integrated approach to capture and analyse past and current behavioural data across multiple touchpoints and mapping it to your goal is key to implement the right user engagement with the content

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Go Beyond Usability

Gain a deeper and meaningful understanding of your users’ interaction with the content. Our insightful analytics will guide you in establishing a personal connection with each of your customers to drive relevant and contextual content for better engagement

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Technology assisted

Leverage content management technologies and automation tools for businesses to simply the process of managing web presence within the principles of responsive design and combine it with business intelligence tools to draw real-time customer insights to quantify and analyse customer engagement results continuously


Our Expertise


Content Management: Ensure your digital content is in synergy with your user experience, need, and expectation across respective channels

Social listening: In-depth analysis of trends and engagements happening around your brand and your industry as a whole.

Website optimization: Drive relevant traffic to your website by leveraging advanced tools and strategies to boost your website’s performance.

Search Engine Marketing: Personalize your website experience by using predictive A/B testing, customizable for different personas, and Macro -micro-segmentations.


Key Metrics

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40K+ / Month

In-Feed Articles And Videos Created Or Altered

Web Experiences In Feed Video Ads Key Metrics Icon
10K+ / Month

Social Pages And Forums Monitored

Web Experiences Demo Websites Created Key Metrics Icon
200K+ / Month

Social And Forum Responses Moderated

Web Experiences Custom Landing Pages Key Metrics Icon
4k+ / Month

Detractor Referred To DSAT Cell To Improve Brand Experiences

Web Experiences Placement Integrations Key Metrics Icon
500 / Month

Block User Recommendation To The User Safety Team


Tools & Technologies

Word Press
Unity 3d
Google Developers Console
Google Web Designer
Adobe Spark
Adobe Captivate

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