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Intelligent Automation Solution Factory | Large US Telecom Provider - Casestudies


Intelligent Automation Solution Factory | Large US Telecom Provider

Feb 29 2024 ,

iOPEX’s intelligent automation solution helped client repurpose 30K Manual hours used annually to segregate data from multiple LOBs to create audit reports that would be used to drive business decisions impacting the overall organizational direction.

Our automation solution factory further streamline and automated various process across multiple business functions of the company.

The Client :

The client is one of the world’s leading communications services providers in the US catering to the needs of 200+ million customers subscribed globally.

The Challenge :

SOX Compliance is an essential function for publicly listed US organizations for maintaining the integrity of financial data maintained by the business. All data, systems and accounts that come under the scope of SOX must withstand the high scrutiny of auditors and therefore it is pertinent that this data is processed as completely and accurately as possible.

With the need being across multiple organizational horizontals (Data Source is from multiple LOBs and differs in type, format and structure which requires various methods of extraction from multiple sources), the data present is increasingly diverse which would require correlation analysis for preventing major SOX Control breaches.

To know more about other challenges encountered by the client along with the solutions & benefits iOPEX have offered, please download the case study now.

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