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Legacy Application Modernization

Keeping up with the Cloud & Customer

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Remote working to stay in IT space

"Companies that drive serious automation in the back and front office will become the new heroes"

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Robotic Process Automation

Optimize operational expenses, improve productivity and support digital transformation

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We build applications that can learn systematically to improve your work processes on a regular basis.

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Integrated Automation

A One stop solution to enhance business and process efficiency.

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AI Chatbot

NLP, Context Recognition, Multi-Lingual, seamlessly redirects to humans only when needed and much more.

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iOPEX is a new-generation business services provider offering optimized IT management services. We are process innovators focused on extracting the best out of the investments you have already made. At iOPEX, we help you realize that golden ratio where your technology and business are in complete synergy, making your company greater than the sum of its parts. Founded in 2009, the demand for our specialized optimization services has helped us grow to over 1,800 employees in ten years.

We don't quite believe in a "one size fits all" policy and have seen the difference that a tailor-made product can bring to businesses. Exactly why we love building custom solutions for all our clients. We take pride in challenging ourselves and extending boundaries to create new products and novel solutions for traditional and new age business. Our suite of tools are high on performance but lower on costs, and put your existing infrastructure to judicious use. Our customer-centricity, ability to take on challenges and financial risks, and go-getter DNA bring to you a partner who is easy to work with, and who delivers beyond promises. No wonder we boast of a marquee list of Fortune 500 clients, and many more, each being 100% reference-able.
1800 +

Delivery Centres

72 +

1.5 Bn
in Cost Transformation

Our Methodology

big data analytics

Gain invaluable insights into hidden trends and patterns by diving deep into large data. Cut down costs, speed up decision making, and give your customers what they want.

learning algorithms

Draw inferences or use learning from past datasets to configure program actions
on new ones.

robotic processes

Automate repetitive, error-prone, and rule-based manual tasks. Bring down cycle times and improve throughput, accuracy, flexibility, and scalability.

Business Optimized - Integrated Automation

Every problem is an opportunity to innovate and resolve to achieve better business outcomes, leverage the power of consulting that taps into data analytics, solutions and infrastructure using our highly skilled engineers, mature processes, and state-of-the-art IT infrastructure

Manual is history, automation is need of the hour. Today enterprises are ramping up or changing environments at lightening pace to keep up with market dynamics. Our automation tools shorten process cycles & enable roll-outs faster for our client engagements

Optimization, Automation, Process Consulting

Improve profitability by striking a balance between demands of stakeholders & clients. Meet demands by ironing out inconsistencies & service deliveries. We exceed expectations by delivering on goals with incurring additional cost or keeping by them in control

Business growth is unpredictable, it’s important to be ready or initiate preparedness to it. Keeping costs, time and resources in mind we need to explore outsourcing options. We help businesses make this transition very smooth & cost effective without effecting brand value

Our Clients


What Our Clients Say

Advertising Operation Optimization

"iOPEX has been a committed and a flexible partner for many years with great customer service and technology solutions. Their efficiency, consistency and support has enabled us to focus on driving our business forward and drive growth for our partners."


Optimizations & Cost Savings

"Biggest organizational wins were the optimizations, self-service, and cost savings delivered by iOPEX. They implemented tools to automate, capture customer data, and resolve issues. Did a great job deflecting calls and moving customer interactions to chat and self-service. FreedomPop now staffs a skeleton crew."


Consistent Customer Experience

"iOPEX promised to help improve systems/processes they delivered every time, consistent customer experience. Felt the transition from local to offshore would take three months, but service delivery was stable within 30 days. Delivered 30 second ASA, abandonment never higher than 7%. The costs have never gone above what was agreed upon."


24 Hours Turnaround Time

"Turn around time for closing cases within 24 hours and in a lot of cases less than five hours. No bureaucracy! Dealing with them directly making continuous improvement very efficient. Sees things in the moment & sometimes before they happen and then make adjustments accordingly, translated into a fantastic support experience for our customers."



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