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iOPEX Launches elevAIte at ServiceNow Knowledge24: GenAI Platform to Elevate Operations

May 07 2024 ,

iOPEX launches elevAIte at ServiceNow Knowledge24, a GenAI platform revolutionizing IT, Customer, Revenue, and Finance Operations with AI.


Democratization of Advertising: Retail Media's Growth with AI & Data

May 08 2024 ,

The future of retail media was a hot & trending topic. Tune into the recent podcast from the CPG Guys to get the valuable insights from Mr. Nagarajan, CDO of iOPEX.


Embracing the Era of Human-AI Collaboration: iOPEX CEO's Perspective

Apr 16 2024 ,

Discover Shiva Ramani, CEO of iOPEX Technologies, as he shares his strategic vision on harnessing AI to streamline operations and deliver unparalleled value to customers in the business landscape.


Transforming CPG Operations with AI and Retail Media

Apr 29 2024 ,

In this livecast, you will explore how to leverage AI and retail media effectively and efficiently. You will discover more insight on the key focus areas of CPG and Retail Media companies.


AI for CPG and Retail: How IOPEX Transforms Your Business

Feb 01 2024 ,

In this podcast, CPG Guys talk to Shiva Ramani, CEO of IOPEX, a leading AI partner for the CPG and retail industry.


Unveiling iOPEX.AI: Empowering Enterprises with a Cutting-Edge AI Framework

Feb 29 2024 ,

iOPEX launches, a revolutionary AI Workbench to simplify processes, elevate the workforce and accelerate business performance with AI-led cognitive solutions.


iOPEX Technologies Migrated to Google Workspace: Achieving Rapid Expansion with Real-time Communications

Feb 14 2024 ,

Learn how iOPEX Technologies optimized real-time communications and skyrocketed productivity by migrating to Google Workspace.


Transform Sales/Revenue & Product Operations | ServiceNow | iOPEX

Feb 27 2024 ,

Enabling experiences with seamless workflows is becoming the focal point for operational strategies for IT and business functions. However, leveraging data across organizational boundaries and collaborating in real-time to support those experiences requires innovative approaches.


Scale Automation Program | HFS POV | iOPEX Technologies

Mar 01 2024 ,

Find out how iOPEX’s process automation solution for the UK-based telecommunication giant stood out amongst others and how our approach scaled and saved up to $15 million? where so many got stuck at the pilot stage!