17 Oct

Liberate Ad Ops By Integrating Automation

Having worked closely with ad ops teams for the last 15 years, I feel they bring durability and fulfillment to the advertising business.The amount of changes they’ve weathered in keeping pace with.... Read More

Posted by Nagarajan Chakaravarthy
20 Aug

How would you choose an AI chatbot for your Organization?

We all know how a chatbot works, so let’s not deep dive into that topic now. Moving along, we will find out what is the best way to use an AI-based Chatbot for better customer service/experience...Read More

Posted by Navaniranjan N
23 Jul

Two meticulous use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance your customer experience.

Most of us know that AI is already helping online companies to use predictive analysis for their customers to have a better online...Read More

Posted by Navaniranjan N
23 Jul

Why customer engagement analytics is important than ever before?

This blog will highlight the importance and implications of customer engagement analytics for companies to outperform their competitors, backed up by strong evidence across various industry...Read More

Posted by Navaniranjan N
18 Jul

Social Media Moderation is not just a nicety but a necessity!

Social media moderation in a nutshell: Companies encourage their customers to post their content online via forums and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,...Read More

Posted by Navaniranjan N
18 Jul

How to make your company a specialist in Consumer Technical Support?

Consumer technical support can be defined as the type of service provided by a company to resolve any technical issues...Read More

Posted by Navaniranjan N
17 Jul

How to make the best use of Community Crowdsourcing for your Business needs?

The term crowdsourcing was first introduced by Jeff Howe in the year 2006 (The Rise of Crowdsourcing), according...Read More

Posted by Navaniranjan N
17 Jul

Does AI Chatbot really provide better customer service to your customers?

It is observed that Artificial Intelligence (AI) bots and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), are the trending topics...Read More

Posted by Navaniranjan N
17 Jul

How Automated IVR and text messaging system can improve your customer service?

IVR is a technology that gained attention during the 1990s when call center companies started to invest in computer...Read More

Posted by Navaniranjan N
17 Jul

Would you take the extra mile to establish the best customer support for your Organization?

There is a fine line between customer support service and the customer service itself, which allows companies to set the standard...Read More

Posted by Navaniranjan N
17 Jul

Gaming Customer Support Services – Do we really need it?

The gaming industry has seen phenomenal growth in the last ten years and will continue to have unprecedented growth in the coming years (Forbes)...Read More

Posted by Navaniranjan N
25 Sep

What next for your RPA Center of Excellence (CoE)?

Owing to a large influx of Enterprise wide business cases promising dramatic cost savings and ROI, many organizations across the world are busy in deploying....Read More

Posted by Naveen Kumar R
17 Jul

Where Is Your Bot Command Center?

RPA enables a business to realize a 10-25 percent increase in cost savings, potentially scaling to 30-50 percent with AI-enhanced RPA - Morgan Stanley....Read More

Posted by Naveen Kumar R
27 Jun

There is something about “MARY”

I was watching the iconic movie of my teens after years on the flight back to London. Every time I watch Mary, she gets me thinking and this is what it got me thinking this time....Read More

Posted by Siddharth Singh
26 Apr

Is RPA necessary to achieve Cognitive?

As an IT consulting and services firm, it is more than necessary for us to stay attuned to our client’s needs even before they arise. Companies come to us looking to fill out their game ....Read More

Posted by Harsha Bindu
22 Jan

Business automation success: RPA & DevOps will rule the outcome

Happy new year 2018! New year always comes with new ideas to improve and excel in personal as...Read More

Posted by Abhik Majumdar
03 Jan

Is your RPA project just a quick-fix or is it in alignment to your long-term Service Orchestration Strategy?

The heated global competition across various industries puts constant pressure on business...Read More

Posted by Naveenkumar Ramasamy
2 Dec

Half of back-office tasks can be automated, says iOPEX

Close to 50% of all back-office tasks can be automated, declares Shiva Ramani, CEO iOPEX Technologies. And bots (short for software robots, or programmes) making some human activity ...Read More

Posted by Shiva Ramani
28 June

Ad-Operations - Time to embrace efficiency via Virtual Workforce – Software Bots?

During the last two decades, managing advertising operations has undergone a tremendous...Read More

Posted by Nagarajan Chakaravarthy
21 June

Why RPA turns out to be a Real Pain in the A***, sometimes

The buzz word seems to be RPA. Everyone wants to jump on to the band-wagon imagining RPA is...Read More

Posted by Krishnan Rangi
20 June

Optimization and Automation are the first steps in Business Transformation. Cost Transformation is not Optimization

One of the advantages of being a pure play optimization company is that we get an incredible...Read More

Posted by Shiva Ramani
23 May

"The Road Not Taken" in the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Journey

Businesses are constantly putting pressure to reduce cost and improve performance...Read More

Posted by Naveenkumar Ramasamy
30 Jan


Your brand is unquestionably your business’ most valued asset. Companies spend a huge amount of time...Read More

Posted by Nagarajan Chakaravarthy
18 Nov


In recent times USA Inc. is under extreme pressure than ever before, given the following economic environment. ...Read More

Posted by Krishnan Rangi
13 Oct

Minimizing Malware/Frauds – Serving Better Digital Ads To Humans

The care advertisers take in order to delicately craft a targeted message that speaks to the meticulously selected audience...Read More

Posted by Nagarajan Chakaravarthy
8 Sep

Transforming Contact Centers, Big Data Style

Today, no enterprise has to be whip-smart to realize the countless possibilities arising out of the profusion of data. If corralled...Read More

Posted by Krishnan Rangi

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