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How AI is Transforming the AdTech Industry
Jun 26 2024 , Nagarajan Chakravarthy

Discover how AI is revolutionizing the AdTech industry by enhancing targeting, optimizing ad performance, and driving innovation. Explore the future of advertising with cutting-edge AI technology.

What is Ad Yield Management? A Complete Guide for Publishers
May 15 2024 , Nagarajan Chakravarthy

Unlock the potential of your digital advertising revenue with our comprehensive guide to Ad Yield Management

7 Proven Ad Revenue Optimization Strategies for Publishers
May 15 2024 , Nagarajan Chakravarthy

Maximize your ad revenue with effective optimization strategies. Learn how to boost earnings through targeted ads and strategic placements.

What is Byte-sized Digital Transformation? And How to Optimize it?
Apr 15 2024 , Shiva Ramani

Byte-sized digital transformation involves a series of small, incremental improvements in processes and technologies, not a single massive overhaul. Explore how to optimize this approach further.

Embracing the AI Revolution: A Leader’s Perspective on the Future of Business
Apr 16 2024 , Shiva Ramani

Embracing the AI Revolution: Shiva Ramani's vision on the Future of Business emphasizes innovation, education, ethics, and risk management in AI adoption.

Generative AI 101: Everything You Need to Know
Mar 04 2024 , Nagarajan Chakravarthy

Check out this Pillar guide to understand what is Generative AI and its role in transforming business models and how it benefits enterprises rapidly, and other aspects.

Hyper Automation vs Intelligent Automation: Cracking the Code
Feb 15 2024 , Nagarajan Chakravarthy

Check out this blog to understand the meaning and the core differences between Hyper Automation and Intelligent Automation (Cognitive Automation).

Cybersecurity 101: Everything You Need to Know
Feb 29 2024 , Nagarajan Chakravarthy

Check out this AIO guide on Cybersecurity to learn about common cybersecurity threats, how enterprises can build robust guardrails to prevent cyber attacks, etc.

Elevate Business with Reinforcement Learning: A Complete Guide
Apr 01 2024 , Nagarajan Chakravarthy

Unleash the power of iOPEX AI! Revolutionize AI and machine learning with Reinforcement Learning techniques for business growth and innovation.

What is Hyperautomation and How Does it Benefit Business?
Oct 31 2023 , Nagarajan Chakravarthy

Hyperautomation is a holistic business-driven approach to automation that allows organizations to identify, examine and automate complete business processes