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iOPEX Technologies Migrated to Google Workspace: Achieving Rapid Expansion with Real-time Communications

Feb 14 2024 ,

iOPEX Technologies is a leading new-generation global business and technology solutions provider. With our workforce outspread globally, streamlining our productivity and collaboration becomes imperative to ensure a solid and secure foundation. 

To streamline the approach and scale our worldwide operation, we migrated to Google Workspace. Google Workspace provided a single source of the platform, enabling a secure and seamless onboarding of over 2,700 employees in a short time. Our team’s confidence and collaboration improved within the company, which led to enhanced productivity with secure communication. 

iOPEX is all set to kick-start the enterprise journey with BigQuery to further enhance data analytics capabilities, creating more innovative, and disruptive digital transformation solutions for our clients. 

Learn more about how iOPEX Technologies optimized real-time communications and skyrocketed productivity.

Bottom Line

By migrating to Google Workspace and incorporating BigQuery, iOPEX Technologies achieved rapid expansion with a 60% annual global workforce growth and a significant reduction in infrastructure costs. Enterprises willing to go a long way in the digital journey must realize the importance of optimizing real-time communications. Partner with iOPEX for a custom-made and solid roadmap for your Digital Transformation Journey.

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