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Ad Integrity Management And Brand Protection In The Digital World

Your brand is unquestionably your business’ most valued asset. Companies spend a huge amount of time and effort in carefully crafting and presenting every aspect of the brand identify such that it creates a right impression in the minds of the target audience. But protecting your brand in the digital world is another game altogether. Let’s discuss some of the factors troubling advertisers, publishers and ad networks when it comes to online advertising.

The problem of size

Due to the sheer size of the web and probable ad placement opportunities, the task of monitoring each and every ad and its surrounding content seems gargantuan. This problem is compounded by use of ad networks, programmatic buying, dynamic remarketing, demand-side platforms, third-party ad placements, etc., with little or no human involvement. Currently, about 60% of the ad placement process is automated. The number will only rise to 87% automation of ad placements by 2017 (source: Magna Global).

What do advertisers want?

Advertisers simply want to ensure that their ads are not placed on sites with questionable reputations, competitive sites, or sites with dubious/offensive/illegal/pornographic/malware/piracy/hate content. These are just the basics; advertisers also want to make sure that their ads are not served along with bad-fit content (e.g., ads next to a news item describing a sad tragedy, etc.) Advertisers wish to know the exact domains where the ads are served along with geographic location.

What do publishers want?

Publishers wish to provide a good user experience and want to make sure that their advertisers are happy with the impressions and clicks they receive. They do not want any ads that might tarnish their own brand image or that of the other brands advertising on the website. A publisher that displays ads of disrespectable companies, or show ads that promote adware/malware can cause irreparable damage to visitor experience and reduce engagement and impressions immediately.

Techniques to serve the right ads to the right audience at the right places

  • List labeling and categorization to ensure that the ads are served only to the matched and targeted lists of websites
  • Block list cataloging and frequent updates enable rejecting of websites that have been termed malicious in the past
  • Use of firewall controls to block unauthorized sites while serving ads
  • Using the right and reputed ad platforms, networks, and publishers will ward-off a great amount of blind advertising
  • Utilizing tools for continuous monitoring of page rating and content validation to rate content based on factors like hate speech, adult content, arms and ammunition, drugs, medicines, alcohol, digital piracy, malware/adware, offensive language, and so on
  • Utilizing tools for verifying geo-targeting, stopping competitive collision, right ad placements, and more

Ad integrity management partner

Appointing a dependable service provider to ensure and monitor ad integrity and brand identity while conducting online advertising can be a great way to ward-off brand image management challenges. iOPEX ensures right tools, ad platforms, intelligent people, for protecting brand values online. We utilize technologies for creative classification and qualification of ads based on appearance, behavior and content. We do complete verification and validation to prevent any such issues. iOPEX offers future-ready and end-to-end Ad Lifecycle Management Services to both the advertisers and publishers. Our Unified Media Platform comprising of iMediaDesk & iMediaPlace, acts as an optimization accelerator and helps media entities get the maximum benefits from their investments.

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