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May 02 2024

Practical Gen AI Use Cases for Customer Experience Leaders Attaining Desired Outcomes in 120 Days

Watch the insightful Webinar by Shiva Ramani and John Ragsdale on the opportunities of Practical Gen AI Use Cases for Customer Experience. Learn how iOPEX is helping global clients leverage it.

Mar 04 2024

Partners Ecosystem Digital Summit | The Power of Generative AI by Tech Leaders | Tom Smith | Sriram Seshadri

Watch the insightful video by tech leaders on the opportunities of Generative AI and how iOPEX Technologies is helping global clients leverage it.

Jan 05 2024

Fireside Chat | The Key Principles of the Autonomous Enterprise

Watch the insightful videocast between HFS CEO & Chief Analyst Phil Fersht in a special Fireside Chat with Phani Sridhar, Senior Vice President – Strategy & Insights at iOPEX Technologies, as they discuss the company’s AI and Automation capabilities and its role in shaping the present and the future of digital transformation.

Feb 27 2024

Best UiPath Partner | Forward 5 | The Cube Interview – T-Mobile and iOPEX

Watch John Morrison, Director of Technology, Product and Enterprise Platforms & Services at T-Mobile and Nagarajan Chakravarthy (Naga), Chief Digital Officer at iOPEX Technologies discuss T-Mobile's automation journey and how iOPEX Technologies and UiPath played an integral role in this journey.

Jan 05 2024

Best UiPath Partner | Forward 5 | Vision Talk – Overstock and iOPEX

At the UiPath Forward 5 Event, Paul Kersey, Vice President of Product Management at Overstock and Nagarajan Chakravarthy (Naga), Chief Digital Officer at iOPEX Technologies took to the stage to give a Vision Talk on "How to build an automation factory at scale".

Mar 04 2024

Transform Sales Revenue and Product Ops with ServiceNow with HFS Digital Roundtable

Enabling experiences with seamless workflows is becoming the focal point for operational strategies for IT and business functions.

Mar 04 2024

HFS Webinar | Post-Pandemic Guide to Automation | Webinar

The most over-hyped industry leading into the pandemic was automation. Enterprises were buying RPA licenses and other automation software in droves without much of a game-plan on how to use the software, best train people across business functions, and redesign processes to benefit from automated tasks and workflows.

Feb 27 2024

Digital Transformation: Unlock the Benefits of Pipefy | Webinar

The age of Digital Transformation is upon us, and while many organizations have aggressively adopted new ways of working to enact digitization, there is still much more work to be done.

Jan 05 2024

Scale Up Support Operations For Growth | Webinar

The session will cover Randal Wark asking questions on scaling up operations to manage growth and how Stephen Cloughesy (VP Global Support Delivery, Palo Alto Networks and Jagdeep Singh (VP, Global Customer Operations, Aruba networks) have managed their operations efficiently to meet the changing needs of the customers and other business needs.

Jan 09 2024

Transformation At Scale – Engineering Point of View | Webinar

The session demonstrates how technology and engineering have enabled organizations like T-Mobile, Workato, and Google to stand apart from their competitors and gain a competitive advantage in winning new customers and retaining the existing customers with superior customer experiences.