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Jan 09 2024

Transformation At Scale – Engineering Point of View | Webinar

The session demonstrates how technology and engineering have enabled organizations like T-Mobile, Workato, and Google to stand apart from their competitors and gain a competitive advantage in winning new customers and retaining the existing customers with superior customer experiences.

Jan 05 2024

Digital Transformation In Media Operations | Webinar

The session on digital transformation in media operations was moderated by Randal Wark which was one of the most interactive sessions of the day. The keynote speakers being media-based leaders, the examples and analogies were very interesting and engaging to the audience.

Jan 05 2024

Organizational Culture for Digital Transformation | iOPEX

Paul Rosenbaum From AT&T, Martin Ingram From Avaya, And Daniel Herscovici From Edison Ventures Talk About Organizational Culture For Digital Transformation.

Mar 04 2024

Bernice from British Telecom Shares Her Transformation Journey | Webinar

Bernice From British Telecom Shares Her Experience On Their Transformation Journey In Bill To Cash And Business Assurance Operations.

Mar 04 2024

Thomas Reuner of HFS Research Explains OPEXWise & One Office Mindset

Thomas Reuner from HFS provides a clear-cut explanation on the evolution of automation and where the future of enterprise operations are heading

Jan 05 2024

OPEXWise 2021 - Welcome by Avinash Lele, president of iOPEX

A brief introduction of the event OPEXWise - 2021 is provided by Avinash Lele, the president of iOPEX technologies