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Scale Up Support Operations For Growth | Webinar - Webinars


Scale Up Support Operations For Growth | Webinar

Jan 05 2024 ,

The session will cover Randal Wark asking questions on scaling up operations to manage growth and how Stephen Cloughesy (VP Global Support Delivery, Palo Alto Networks and Jagdeep Singh (VP, Global Customer Operations, Aruba networks) have managed their operations efficiently to meet the changing needs of the customers and other business needs.

Steve provided his viewpoint on scaling operations with the increase in the number of headcounts and different factors that drive growth for Palo Alto Networks, he also spoke about picking the right process of automation technologies like RPA, AI, and ML to accommodate the operational challenges and needs. He also added how adaptability and resilience are important to serve customers better.

Jagdeep explained how Data and its usage is crucial for a company to scale up operations efficiently and while doing so in parallel look for integration automation technologies to stay competitive and serve customers better.

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