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Our Culture

iOPEX firmly believes in creating a healthy and positive work environment to build a long-lasting relationship that grows beyond the confines of a regular office interaction

Customer Focus1

We endeavor to exceed our client's expectations

We aim to add value to our customers by being responsive with a solid commitment to delivery. We take ownership, mean what we say, and act as one global team committed to achieving shared goals.


We encourage iOPEXians to be Intrapreneurial

We promote an Intrapreneurial culture by applying innovation and creativity to everything we do. We help transform ideas into profitable ventures in order to advance and grow.


We conduct our business with high ethical standards

We hold ourselves to high moral principles through honesty, commitment, and trust. We build relationships through fairness, respect, and standing for what is right in a fair and unbiased manner.


We strive to build a transparent organization.

We empower our employees through open communication, cooperation, and trust. We drive professional excellence through collaboration, knowledge sharing, and learning.


People Charter

We leverage the collective strength of our organization and our people to achieve growth, which is built around our commitment to our customers. The iOPEX Code, that forms an integral part of all Our DNA is as follows:

We believe that our people are our most valuable assets, we:

  • Encourage them to rise beyond their boundaries
  • Motivate them through recognition programs and social network programs
  • Empower them through transparent discussions and engaging leadership
  • Offer opportunities to succeed in their role through fairness and respect.
  • We leverage the collective strength of our organization and our people to achieve growth, which is built around our commitment to our customers.

Our commitment to The iOPEX Code underlines the values that inspire our employees, drive us to excel, and shape our decisions while delivering optimal solutions in a stable equilibrium cutting across platforms and geographies.

Equal Opportunity & Diversity

Gender equality and equal treatment to all, are the core principles of iOPEX technologies. The key to iOPEX success is our diverse workforce that is professionally trained to meet the needs of our global clients.

The Principles That Surround Our Global Diversity And Equality Are:

  • Treat all employees and clients with equal respect without regard to ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation and expression, religion, or disabilities.
  • Promoting equal opportunities for all employees and providing the best of our services to all customers.
  • Manage the employment of the differently-abled.

The below forums/committees operate within the organization and are supported and mentored by the management team

  • Integrity First – Equal opportunity / employability.
  • My Vote Counts – Let’s communicate and be transparent in our dealings.
  • Next Generation Networking – MindSpa and Brown Bag - the social networks.
  • WILL – Women in Leadership Legacy.

These committees educate, run road shows and events to create awareness amongst employees and continually reinforce the importance of global diversity and equality.

Employees are encouraged to join these forums and actively participate in them.

Culture and Environment

iOPEX is surrounded by people who dared to dream the impossible. Employees who wholeheartedly supported its existence and pushed its limits since 2013 scaled us to new heights.

2013 - Fastest Growing Company Of The Year

OPEX Philippines was chosen as Finalist in the “Fastest Growing Company of the Year” category of the International ICT Awards 2013. For two consecutive years, iOPEX has been one of the strongest contenders for various ICT awards, an outcome that is a result of the tremendous scaling up it has been seeing in its revenue and employee growth. This achievement, coupled with the commendable strength and competencies of its Management and employees, is fueling the propulsion of iOPEX into greater heights.

2013 - Intrapreneurship Community

In this community, people network together to create value by bringing together a unique combination of resources to exploit the opportunity and present ideas that benefit the business. Employees enjoy the freedom and mentorship of the management to fund ideas that have a profitable impact. Join us on our journey as we explore new avenues!

2013 - Customer First Forums

It is every employee’s responsibility to deliver quality Customer Service through excellence and loyalty. This is our differentiator. The “Customer Focus and Ownership Campaign” conducts various events to understand the customers’ needs, exceed their expectations and build a relationship.. So we pledge to: Listen to the Customer Never compromise on Quality

Fun @ Work

iOPEX - Fun at Work

Achieve, Have Fun And Celebrate We have fun at work and celebrate our achievements and personal milestones, both big and small. To do this extent we:

  • Build social bonds that help strengthen the relationship ties at work.
  • Re-vitalize employees to have a healthier and better work-life balance.
  • Open creative thinking to be more resourceful.
  • Celebrate our moments of achievements and share personal milestones.
  • Reward and recognize positive behavior and successes.

Corporate Responsibility

Keeping in line with the mission to significantly improve operations, we have taken this beyond our organization to extend our contributions to society. The agenda for this year will look at our commitment to social and environmental issues. Join us to make a difference.

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    Go Green Conserving Energy

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    Saving Paper

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    Green Comm

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