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Enterprise Product Support

Enhancing Cybersecurity & SaaS Product adoption - Expert Operations, Simplified Experience and GenAI

Adopting an integrated approach combining people, process, technology through knowledge engineering, automation & GenAI to optimize "Cost to Serve" and "Service Experience" is the future support model.

Redefining Support: Balancing Cost to Serve & Customer Experience

Agility | Commitment | Precision | Resolutions

We specialize in premium support through our Technical Assistance Collaborative (TAC) solutions using trained engineers, intelligent routing, digital workers powered by GenAI and automation for efficient assistance.

Our approach prioritizes service quality, analytics-driven issue resolution and empowering engineers & customers with interactive assistant/self-help options. Rooted in a transparent and customer-centric culture, we optimize processes for a positive customer experience overseeing a distributed workforce with a 99.9% SLA commitment.

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Stay ahead of products support scale and cost challenges

Enhancing Product Support for Superior Quality of Service Experience

Optimize | Scale | Transform | Success

Empowering enterprises with exceptional support services to enhance customer experience and facilitate organizational scaling through the collective expertise of skilled engineers, automation and process optimization.

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Customer Proof Points

Case Studies

Enhancing Experiences via Accelerated Tech Support| US Cybersecurity Leader

Product Support
Technical Support

Read how using the 'Global Protect' network and conducting several engagement activities established cost-effective TAC with 100% compliance and achieved CSAT above agreed target levels.

Transformative 24/7 COE for Multichannel Tech Support| Cybersecurity Leader

Tier 2
Tier 3
Multichannel Support

Discover the impact of implementing a 24/7 COE, building knowledge bases, and updating SOPs resulting in improved QoS, a 55% cost reduction & seamless 24/7 coverage with 360° visibility.

Centralized SIEM for Unifying Security Solutions | US Software Company

Cloud Platforms

Learn the impact of implementing centralized SIEM solutions reducing the client's security team workload, achieving 75% faster issue detection & resolving 90% fewer backend issues.

Customer Success Services | US Cybersecurity Leader

Security Assessment
Thread Intelligence

Explore how our collaborative efforts helped end customer maintain a robust security posture and ultimately increasing NPS score of client networks

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Elevate your support experience to new heights with GenAI

Business Outcomes

Generate continuous value

Increased Productivity

Rapid issue resolution and proactive support minimize downtime and enhance system performance ensuring seamless employee workflow and optimizing overall productivity and efficiency.

Customer Retention and Loyalty

Timely and effective issue resolution coupled with quick and reliable support services elevates customer satisfaction levels, fosters positive experiences and promotes customer loyalty, retention & repeat business.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Efficient technical support streamlines processes, reduces inefficiencies and enhances the overall efficiency of an organization.

Mitigated Business Risks

Effective technical support helps identify and mitigate potential risks, ensuring a secure and stable IT environment and protecting the organization from potential disruptions.

Compliance and Security Assurance

Ensuring that technical support services adhere to regulatory compliance standards and contribute to cybersecurity measures to safeguard the business.

Reduced IT Cost

Proactive technical assistance lowers overall IT costs by anticipating and addressing issues before escalation, minimizing downtime and swiftly resolving problems.

By the Numbers

For Scale & Growth



Device and Product types handled by the Engineers



Complex tickets get resolved in second iteration



Tickets get resolved with the aid of knowledge base and self service portal



Customer satisfaction score on resolutions



Follow the sun support model covering all continents

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