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GenAI Copilot Services

Re-inventing operating experience with GenAI, a new frontier to build enterprise agility muscle for growth

GenAI Copilots are transforming enterprises by driving innovation to unlock new growth opportunities with better enterprise interoperability, predictable actions and enhanced operating experience.

Turbo charge Workflows, Apps & Personas with GenAI

Agile, Secured, Complaint & Scalable

Adopting GenAI Copilot becomes a transformative step in the total digital transformation journey. Redefine enterprise’s landscape by defining new and innovative operating experiences with GenAI Copilot. Turbo-charge interaction channels like chatbots, self-service portals, business applications, RPA-bots, and APIs to propel towards a future where possibilities are limitless.

Discover Over Discover
Find the Unlimited
Evolve Over Evolve
Upgrade Your Workflows
Leverage Over Leverage
Make Your Data Count
Transform Over Transform
Use AI Models to Advantage
Accelerate Orange Accelerate Grey
Contribute to Workforce Evolvement

Identify the unlimited potential of GenAI Copilots and uncover essential use cases that align with your business objectives.

Streamline and upgrade your enterprise’s internal workflows and redefine their potential to deliver unprecedented, predictable customer and employee experience.

Utilize your enterprise data fully and combine it with the capabilities of the GenAI framework to optimize operations and experience and expedite growth.

Redefine the enterprise’s future with intuitive and smart applications and omnichannel solutions catering to multiple business functions and powered by robust AI models and enterprise data.

Build a robust AI Workbench to speed up the production and deployment of AI-powered applications and lead the evolution of workforce and customer experience.

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Are you evaluating how to build Enterprise-wide AI Copilots?

Reliable & Secure Enterprise AI Copilots For the Future

Simple, Flexible & Futuristic

iOPEX's "elevAIte", an AI framework designed to build Enterprise AI capabilities. Enterprises can seamlessly develop and deploy AI-powered applications on a large scale with an option to choose a cloud-based setup or an on-premises set-up with enhanced security and controls. Featuring a simple modular and scalable architecture, the platform operates on a fully governed framework (MLOps), incorporating Data, Model, Process & API Governance within its foundation.

Elevaite 01 8

Document Understanding

Extract, standardize and analyze large amounts of un-structured data across multiple formats at ease.

Elevaite 04 8

Dialogue Analysis

Building end-to-end intelligent chatbot, agent assistants powered by NLP to improve experiences.

Elevaite 03 8

Predict Outcomes

Build, deploy and maintain AI models on structured and unstructured data to feed apps for predictable decisioning

Elevaite 02 8

Speech Analysis

Analyze and extract sentiments and intelligence from spoken content with formidable accuracy.

Elevaite 05 8

Vision Insights

Extract data and deliver valuable insights from images, pictures and videos.

Enable your business to experience the future with "elevAIte"

Combining AI Capabilities with deep industry knowledge

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Customer Transformation (CT)
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Revenue Transformation (RT)
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Finance Transformation (FT)
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    Copilot by Business Functions

    Streamline processes across your organization

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    Copilot by Experiences

    Streamline processes across Personas


Customer Proof Points

Popular Uses cases deployed


Customer Experience

Utilize our GenAI Copilots to enhance customer experience and satisfaction. We identify patterns for personalized recommendations and tailored solutions by analyzing customer data. Anticipate needs with iOPEX's GenAI Copilots and deliver relevant offerings to boost engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Knowledge Assistants 07

Knowledge Assistants

Our GenAI Copilots empower knowledge assistance by leveraging data analysis to offer personalized recommendations and tailored solutions, anticipating needs and enhancing customer satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty.


Process Optimization

Revolutionize process optimization utilizing our Generative AI framework to turbocharge process efficiency, streamline operations, and drive optimal outcomes, resulting in enhanced productivity, cost savings, and improved overall performance.

Content Development 08

Content Development

Transform content development with our cutting-edge GenAI framework, leveraging advanced algorithms to produce captivating, top-notch content. Save time and resources while ensuring relevance, creativity, and heightened audience engagement.


Native AI Apps

Experience the future with Native AI apps driven by our GenAI Copilots. These powerful applications harness advanced algorithms to deliver innovative & personalized solutions, revolutionizing user experiences and enterprise data.

Coding Assistants 09

Coding Assistants

Unlock the potential of coding with our Generative AI-powered coding assistants. These intelligent tools leverage advanced algorithms to provide efficient and accurate coding suggestions, streamlining development workflows and enhancing productivity.

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Ready to Transform Your Enterprise with GenAI Copilots?

Business Outcomes

Generate continuous value

Boost Productivity

Eliminate the need for human intervention, proactively resolve requests, reduce errors, efficiently handle growing workloads, and seamlessly scale for optimal efficiency by cutting down on support costs.

Increase CSAT/NPS

Execute workflows through customer-friendly interactions, accelerate task completion, and enable self-service, lowering the time to resolve requests from days to hours.

Personalized Assistance at your Disposal

Provide proactive, personalized, and contextual conversational experiences to reduce resolution times, improve customer satisfaction, and increase product/service adoption and loyalty.

24/7 Smart Self-service

Prioritize customer queries 24/7 using a virtual agent to process and effectively resolve them on time using GenAI-enabled knowledge bases and smart automation to route cases to the right skilled teams.

Optimize Operations Cost

Minimize transaction volumes for human touches, automate high-volume tasks to continuously optimize support and operations costs, possible knowledge gaps across the processes, and simultaneously prevent content duplicity.

Customer 360

Build a customer-centric brand with the ability to predict & prevent churn, analyze & boost customer sentiment, and orchestrate experience-centered services & workflows.

By the Numbers

For Scale & Growth



Reduction in Cost to Book



Reduction in Cost to Serve


Reduction in Cost to Build



Increase in Less-touch Transactions



  Increase in Productivity



Reduction in Response Time

What We Think?

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