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Digital Workflows & Intelligent Automation Services | iOPEX

AI Engineering

Digital Workflows & Automation Services

Gateway for simplifying and modernizing enterprise operating experience

Digital Workflows & Automation initiatives have become the de facto gateway to redefine business engagement experiences across customers, employees, and partners in “byte-sizes”

Build Seamless Operating Experience

Achieve increased Profitability & Growth in Byte-Sizes

Our digital workflows & automation solutions are the first step in our “byte-size” agile digital transformation journey. While large system implementations cater to core business functions and its workflows as the system of records. Building systems of actions & intuitive UX/UI on top of the systems of records interlinks and extends business workflows for seamless interoperability to fuel scale and growth.


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Transformation Levers for 360° Operating Experience

Discover | Streamline | Automate | Modernize | Transform

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    Process Transformation

    Process & Task Mining | DILO Analysis

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    Intelligent Automation

    RPA | Document Processing | API-based integrations

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    Digital Workflows

    Leveraging Native Digital Platform - ServiceNow | Salesforce | MS Power Platform

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    Systems Transformation

    Clean Core | Low Code/No Code | System Migration


Customer Proof Points

Case Studies

Digital Transformation Success Story | UK Telecom Provider

Process Discovery
Hyper Automation

Discover how iOPEX's Intelligent Automation Solution helped client in automating the processes across the business functions and realizing the associated benefits.

Enterprise-wide Digital Transformation via COE | Famous US Telecom Provider

SOX Compliance
Process Discovery
Hyper Automation

Learn how our Automation COE helped client in repurposing 30K manual hrs dedicated to data segregation across LOBs for audit reporting. Our COE further streamlined & automated various processes.

Unlocking Digital Excellence with COE | Online Retailer

SupplyChain Ops
Claims Management

See how AWS Transcribe automates audio captcha conversion boosting claims submissions rates by 92% & saving 24K manual hrs. Also, gain insights on how our COE streamlined organization-wide automation.

Building Future-Ready Sales & GTM Operations | Cloud-based SaaS Platform


Learn how iOPEX build Unified Operating Solution for the client to maximize sales productivity by anticipating what's ahead by fostering an interconnected & end-to-end operating model.

Legacy Ad Platform to Microservice Architecture Shift | E-Commerce Company

Ad Platform
App Refactoring
Cloud Adoption

Learn how microservice architecture with the introduction of MVP with VAST support, real time analytics features & DevOps implementation improved margins by 3X & enabling them to serve 30M ads/month.

Unleashed Automation for Process Transformation | Music Streaming Platform

Cash Management
Hyper Automation

Explore how our Intelligent Automation Solution helped client in repurpose 20K manual hrs & $800K savings in cash management process. Also gain insights on how our COE streamlined org wide automation.

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Business Outcomes

Generate continuous value

Enhanced Experiences

Automation ensures faster response times, reduces errors, and provides a more seamless experience for customers & employees, ultimately improving satisfaction and loyalty.


Digital workflows and automation solutions efficiently scale with adaptive processes, thus minimizing manual efforts & addressing linearity issues, and offering flexibility for changing business needs.

Efficiency and Productivity

Automation streamlines processes, reducing manual workloads and enabling employees to focus on high-value tasks. This leads to increased productivity and efficiency.

Cost Savings

By automating repetitive tasks, organizations can significantly reduce operational costs, including labor, and minimize errors that lead to costly rework.

Improved Compliance

Digital workflows and automation solutions can help organizations adhere to regulatory requirements and industry standards, reducing the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties.

Continuous Improvement

Facilitates a culture of continuous improvement by providing insights into operational efficiency, identifying bottlenecks, and offering opportunities for optimization.

By the Numbers

For Scale & Growth



Virtual workers (BOTs) deployed



Streamlined and automated processes



 On-time successful releases



Touchless transactions


$500 Millions

Work of man hours saved

What We Think?

Our Perspective

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