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AI Led Customer Experience (CX) Services | iOPEX

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Customer Experience Services

Spearheading Growth through AI based Customer Experience

Build long-lasting relationships with consumers and prospects through fully personalized and AI-powered customer experience services to elevate customer LTV and optimize Cost to Serve.

Creating Transformational Customer Experiences That Inspire

Make Your Contact Center Agile, Reliable, and Humane

Our customer experience services aim to optimize “Cost to Serve” and build experiences for both customers and agents by putting AI at the frontline to redefine the experience and deliver limitless business outcomes by enabling next best actions.

We rely on our expert team with relevant industry experience and the best expertise in delivering high-quality customer experience (CX) by blending AI capabilities with process transformation, creating smart workflows, simplifying the experience, and transforming the way all stakeholders experience consistent customer services across all touch points.

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Reshaping Customer Experience Center for the Future

Bridging GenAI Copilot & Human in Loop

We provide an integrated experience across all touch points and channels to enable the right customer services and technical support for consumers to get a competitive edge and improve customer experience.

We drive byte-sized agile transformations across enterprises to establish consumer-style, self-enablement channels integrated with the backend process by leveraging automation and AI capabilities to create an exceptional customer experience ecosystem.

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    Enable Digital Transformation


Customer Proof Points

Case Studies

Accelerating Agents' Productivity & Quality | US Home Automation Company

QA Portal
Quality Score
Customer Support
Explore the impact of a tailored QA framework employing a 360° approach, significantly boosting customer service agent productivity and consistently surpassing agreed quality score targets.

Next-Gen CX Guaranteed with OPEXWise & Chatbots | US Brokerage Company

Customer Support
Read how analyzing & visualizing diverse touchpoints using dashboards/bubble charts and enhancing clients' IVR led to a 98% CSAT score increase and a 56% improvement in customer retention.

Holistic Customer Experience to support rapid growth | Streaming Platform

Technical Support
Customer Support
Assisted Automation
Discover how our customer and technical support not only reduced ASA & improved FCR but also handled 40% increase in contact volume using chatbot & assisted automation with no extra resources.

Elevated Customer Loyalty via Swift Responses | Gaming Company

Response Management
Email Support
Zendesk CRM
Learn how the optimization of client ticket management tool Zendesk CRM along with optimal count of resources led to 38% increased in FCR within 2 quarters while maintaining an ART under 24 hrs.

Future Growth & Better Operational Visibility Ensured | US Salon Chain

Contact Center
Email/Chat Support
Ticketing Tool
Learn the impact of a robust contact center with an efficient IVR system and integrated ticketing system boosting clients' call-handling capacity by 20% and appointment bookings by 30%.

Omni Channel Ticket Management Solution | Computer Networking Company

Ticketing Tool
Uncover how our omnichannel ticket management solution contributed to client's annual savings of $600K by eliminating agent licensing cost & reducing efforts by 65% and witness a 96% increase in MTTR.
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Business Outcomes

Generate continuous value

360° Customer Experience

Give your agents the power of assisted intelligence to better understand your customer profile, preferences, and history and provide personalized solutions with minimal human interactions.

Empowerment through AI

Use AI-powered chatbots, self-service capabilities, NLP-enabled bots, and mobile messaging to handle quick and routine tasks, enhance customer support experience, and allow agents to cater to your customers with more complex issues.

Better Resource Utilization and Minimal Operational Costs

Automate processes to utilize available resources properly and help customers with priority requests, thus minimizing operational costs and increasing staff efficiency.

Optimized Products and Processes

Scrutinize consumer behavior and service usage data in real-time across multichannel distribution networks to identify issues with products and processes and optimize them to improve business margins and ROI.

Smoother Buying Experience

Build long-lasting relationships with your customers to smoothen their buying experience and thus improve the overall customer lifetime value (CLV).

Master Repeatability

Optimize processes and develop capabilities to make experience repeatable to create a customer-centric culture, deliver exceptional experiences, and create lasting competitive differentiation.

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