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Developing Digital Security Resilience | iOPEX - Blogs


Developing Digital Security Resilience | iOPEX

The world of business is constantly being digitized and connected. That combined with the demands of understanding and implementing technologies like AI, ML, and advanced analytics is a lot for businesses to deal with. Also, after the increase in the number of cyber security threats, security as a priority and vigilance about risks to businesses has become critical for their sustenance and success.

Risks cannot be ignored

In the shape-shifting world of cybersecurity, it is important to have a clear strategy about building risk into the business’s overarching security strategy. Even vendors and third-party associations in the supply chain are not exempted from security attacks.

Internet of Things has resulted in greater connectivity across devices which has also made them vulnerable to sophisticated ransomware and phishing attacks. Ransomware which use name-and-shame technique cause major disruption to organizations and many enterprises find it easier to simply pay up.

The good news is that most cybersecurity threats to your organization can be rapidly contained and combated through accelerated incident analysis, maintaining security hygiene, and harnessing automated incident management responses.

Developing digital resilience

Introducing independent thinking through diversification of skills and partnership with security experts will help you put security first. By leveraging new skills and thinking with knowledge in areas such as blockchain, quantum computing, and AI, enterprises can bring security innovation, build cyber resilience, and grow confidently.

Partnership with security agencies and experts can help enterprises in testing their defences in a lab environment that replicates the company’s IT and cyber defence systems. This enables identifying the current security capabilities as well as the potential of digital security enhancements.

iOPEX is a leading provider of end-to-end cybersecurity services, including applied cybersecurity solutions, advanced cyber defence, and managed security operations. We accelerate your business transformation by making your organization cyber resilient through vulnerability identification, reduced security incidents, and saving on security hardware costs using SECaaS.

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